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Java 8 Examples dedicated blog
I have recently started a new blog dedicated to Java 8 examples. I will be covering a lot of topics for Java 8 there.
Here is the link: Java 8 Examples

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Fruit Cut Ninja

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Plants vs Monsters

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How to create Interstitial Ad for AdMob in Ionic Cordova app?
You might have encountered an error like, when requesting an ad from AdMob using Cordova AdMob Plugin: interstitialAd is null, call createInterstitialView first Chances are you are doing it wrong. To create an Interstitial Ad you need to take of three thing...

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Using AmCharts in Play Framework 2 with Java
In this post, I am going to show you how you can use AmCharts in Play Framework 2 using Java. First create a new Play Framework 2 Java project and download the Javascript libraries for AmCharts. download .
After you uncompress the file, you see that there a...

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Switching between multiple JDKs on Mac OSX
Suppose you are working on a few Java projects and each of which needs a specific version of JDK. First. make sure that you download your required JDKs: JDK 8 and JDK 7 .
gm Second, look for .bash_profile in your home directory ~ . If you can't find it, cre...

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How to test file upload action in Play Framework 2 in Java?
In this post, we will see how we can test an action that expects a file upload (e.g. a profile picture or an image) in Play Framework 2 for Java.
First, lets create an action that accepts a file upload as below: public static F.Promise uploadProfileImage() ...

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How to test an action secure by SecureSocial in Play Framework 2 in Java?
SecureSocial is an authentication module for Play Framework 2 applications supporting OAuth, OAuth2, OpenID, Username/Password and custom authentication schemes.
Suppose you have an action and you have secured it with @SecureSocial.SecuredAction annotation:...

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How to test actions annotated with @RequireCSRFCheck in Play Framework 2?
Let say you have an action as below that you want to protect against CSRF attacks, so you add the @RequireCSRFCheck annotation: @RequireCSRFCheck
public Result saveUser() {
// Handle body (process a form)
return ok();
} Now suppose you want to write...

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Importing a CSV file into a SQLite3 database table in Python
For this you need to import csv, sqlite3 libraries: import csv, sqlite3 Lets use an in-memory database and create a simple table with two columns: con = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")
cur = con.cursor()
cur.execute("CREATE TABLE t (col1, col2);") Now, lets loa...
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