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Wasptec - Wasp Nest Removal Croydon
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Get Rid of Pests Quickly and Safely
Get Rid of Pests Quickly and Safely

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Wasptec – Wasp Nest Removal Croydon - Local specialist Pest Control

Amongst the most experienced pest control companies in the country Wasptec have been controlling bee, hornet and wasp nests for over 27 years,

Specialists in only three stinging insects Wasptec can guarantee completely safe resolves to any sized infestation within the home, garden or works place.

Wasptec have 10m public liability, COSHH and IOSH certified and all personnel have undergone a CRB check. All treatments are fully guaranteed, safe and humane.

Wasp Nest Removal in Croydon and Bromley

Wasps are the biggest pest in the Croydon district and are also the most dangerous, many colonies exceed 10,000 volatile insects. DIY pest control products are not very effective on colonies of this size.

Supplying technicians with experience and the correct level of training is what you get with Wasptec. Our Wasp Control Croydon team are true experts within the industry.

A fixed price of just £45 is charged for all wasp infestations and half price per wasp nest for those unfortunate enough to have extra nests about their homes or works buildings. A full price list for wasp nest removal treatments can be found here

Bromley and Croydon Bee Removal Specialists
Wasptec have a number of beekeepers we use to take the bee swarms we collect to. If we can protect bees and relocate then we always will. Bees are in decline and Wasptec take great efforts to save bees if it is possible.

Bumblebees will often nest in the garden area, often under sheds and trees. Bumbles can be a hazard when nesting in the garden especially for children. A bumblebee colony will home about 200 bees which can attack if disturbed.

Wasptec can try to relocate bumblebees and bee swarms, although this is not always achievable we will try our best. If a bee control is required then Wasptec use only the most humane methods and always to our regret.

European Hornet and Asian Hornet Removal
Hornets are an increasing pest species which have taken residency on homes and offices in the Croydon and South Croydon areas over the past decade. They have a painful sting and attacks are very unpleasant indeed.

Hornet nests should be left to the experts, DIY controls can lead to hospitalisation and even fatalities. Wasptec have the correct training to resolve hornet infestations quickly and thoroughly.

For only £55 Wasptec can eliminate a hornet infestation whilst keeping you safe at all times during the procedure. Hornet control can be carried out on a same day basis to help reduce the dangers that they pose. Full advice about Asian and European hornets.

Why Wasptec – Wasp Nest Removal Croydon?

100% Guaranteed Service

10m Public Liability


Fully Licensed

CRB Checked

Quick Response

Council Approved

More Than 27 Years Experience

Friendly, Local Company

Fixed Price Guaranteed

Environment Friendly

Croydon's Leading Wasp Control Company

Wasptec have fully trained and highly experienced specialists on hand to offer a quick and professional pest control service for all Bromley, Croydon and surrounding area residents and commercial outlets.

A same day or next day service is given or you can book an appointment on a day suitable for you.

A time slot can be given or we can even treat whilst you are at work. Access to the wasps entry point is all we require.

Call today for free expert advice on all three insect species or to arrange for a specialist to attend and resolve your issue. For a friendly chat Buzz Wasptec- Wasp Nest Removal Croydon.

Wasptec- Wasp Nest Removal Croydon

01737 300393
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