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Jared B. Luther
Be brave, be loyal, be true.
Be brave, be loyal, be true.

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This "whoa" is better than Neo's "whoa."
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My thoughts about the meteor shower this morning.


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It would be cool to check all these out some day.

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LOL.   Governor Wilhuff Tarkin responds to the White House passing on building a death star.   #starwars   #deathstarpetition  

Flashed the rooted #android  4.1.1 ROM (JRO03R) on my #nexus  S 4g over the weekend.  Didn't load up all, but most of the apps I had.  The battery only went down 30% in 15 hours yesterday!  That's unheard of for me.  Not a lot of use, but still that's very cool.

This all makes sense on the announcement of #Nexus4  coming to #tmobile  stores later this month.  LG and Google realized they have a hot item on their hands.  Suspend sales, and now funnel more purchases through T-Mobile for higher margins. I know, not huge margins, but more profit none the less.

Ugh!  My Nexus S 4G is getting so slow and the Nexus 4 will probably be sold out forever.  I'd reflash a custom ROM.  But I'd like one that is fast for the old hardware, but still reliable.  Any suggestions?   #android   #nexus4   #customrom  
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