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Advanced Studio Lighting Class, October 11, 9:30am - 5:00PM. Tickets on sale now. Limited seats. This is a part of PPA's Super 1 Day Workshops for fall.

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Jazz 500 - An Overdue Personal Project
Hello again. First, I must apologize for being away for so long. I wish I had more of an excuse to give you, but the fact is, sometimes life just gets in the way. In any case, I’m back just in time for the heart of the festival season. Next up for me is the...
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Photographers as Phishing Targets - Family Reunion Scam is Back
Most photographers that have been active in groups or communities on Facebook or Google+ have seen this scam. It has surfaced a couple times a year since at least 2012. This is going to be a very long post, but for those that have not seen it before, it wil...
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PhotoServe is alerting photographers of a new scam, that is a twist on the "Family reunion photos" scheme that has been running for at least 5 years.

On this one, a blogger is looking to hire a photographer for a fashion photography shoot. As you see below, it's a somewhat elaborate project with a lot of details. The twist is, they send you a check, over and above the amount they intend to pay you, so you can pay the agent/agency for supplying the models, wardrobe, etc. Sound familiar at this point?

Of course, the check will bounce, but not until you have paid the so-called agent, who is in on the scam or the scammer himself.

Here's the text of the email I received, removing some of the legitimate site details. The signature warning sign that this might be a phishing scam (poor grammar and incorrect punctuation) are obvious. Links have also been removed.

I saw your portfolio on 'legit-site-name'.com and would like to learn more about your services. I’m looking for an experienced photographer to work with on an ongoing blogging and articles. I blog for various online platforms and would love to collaborate with photographers on genre such as beauty, vintage, art, lifestyle, and outdoor.

"I am compiling shots for
“fashion page” segment and the online fashion magazine is looking for professional and reliable photographers who want to create stunning images- Highsnobiety is particularly looking for outdoor and urban looks.
If you’re interested this project, it is important to understand few details about the project. These are:
You will be required to work with 2 models.
There will be 3 outfits per model, 5 looks for each outfit, which totals 30 looks/images.
Outfits/Wardrobe will be supplied by us.
Location, date, and time will be fixed by you.
We want 30 professionally taken pictures in High Res Digital Copies.
Delivery date: To be agreed upon.
Compensation: $2000 ($500 upfront and $1500 final payment).
You will hold full image right (Licensor)
As the photographer we want you to handle other aspect of the gig and dictate the creative direction. Please reply to this mail if you can handle this, so I can forward a contract to be signed by both parties.
You could check out a sample of my work:…/04/26/nike-golf-urban-cape-t…/

rodney smith"

Before being notified of the scam by PhotoServe, I had delayed responding by to days. When I replied to the email to tell them I wasn't interested, the gmail account for the sender had already been shut down by Gmail.
Stay vigilant, my friends...

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Workflow Case Study - The Case of the Missing Libraries
Okay, I admit it, I'm a big Perry Mason fan. So, it's only fitting our first case study is a bit of a mystery. First - all our case studies are based on real situations that we've either experienced, heard about, or helped work through. The situations are r...
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Join me Wednesday evening as we explore the world of workflows...
This is a preview of the May 20th live workshop.
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