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Helping launch Forest in the Community this afternoon
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Yes and while you are doing this your deafening silence is allowing Rangers FC to evade £135M in taxes. But you carry-on messing around in Nottingham, I'm sure Cameron is quaking in his boots.
Hold on forest in the community, isn't that like supporting camerons big society...
Helping the community is a good thing. Volunteering is a good thing. The Big Society could, as a concept, be a good thing. HOWEVER, replacing the welfare state with unpaid volunteers is not. Don't attack Ed for supporting a good cause.
I'm not i'm pointing out his hypocrisy or should i say the lack of verbal support for as you say a potentially a good idea, and the best way of giving people the best support is giving the work to people who truly believe in what they are doing not someone that is paid to turn up to do a job and works out the door at 5pm, though accept the charities do need more money but because of the rich bashing they potentially will loose it from one of the main sources. (i'm not rich) And i don't see the welfare state replaced by volunteers as the last time i checked the government still pays out tax credits dole money and is footing the majority of the nhs, if instead the last government had not spent 12 years driving us into debt to keep them selves popular and in power we may not need to cut back so hard now. No the labour government did not cause the financial crash but they didn't save money for a bad day. Something we area ll guilty of on different levels
Hypocrisy is having a Big Society policy that encourages volunteering, whilst cutting charity funding and cutting the welfare state. Remember, we've barely seen 10% of the cuts this government has outlined.
I'm proud of all that Labour achieved in our 13 years of power. And, I'm proud to have Ed, who will win in 2015, as leader.
Sorry you mean the tax loop holes that this government has closed to answer the demands to prevent tax evasion. People cant have it both ways, give people tax breaks or don't and i cant really see how it will effect donations when someone earning 4 million can still get a tax rebate on a million if they give that much. Just for information I blame the last government for our problems and i don't like this government cause like all politicians they are crap, arguing over stupid small things. We need someone to come in and sort all of this out and make the tax rules simple. IE 25k a year personal allowance, 30% tax on all earning including benefits after that, 40% at a million, 45% at 2 million then 50% after 4 million. Get ride of national insurance as that is just a tax
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