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Does Uncreated Cold Breath effect beings other than Godbound? The main book implies GB only, but Ancalia seems to indicate any use of Effort. But some things (like drones) spend effort to represent special but innate abilities.

Would it effect Mortal heroes with abilities or innate gifts that represent superior skill or magic, like minor and major heroes? Eldritch? Heroic mortals with gift talents?

+Kevin Crawford enquiring minds want to know!

Okay hivemind...
Anyone know of any good adventures featuring a undead infested church? Preferably levels 4+ but I'll take anything.

So, in my Heroic Mortals game, one of my players is eyeing Theurgy as a road he's interested in. He asked me if he could get a theurgic version of the spell that creates undead but instead creates constructs (since he's a theotechnician).

I don't see any real balance reason to say no, but obviously it would be restricted in different ways than the undead raising spell.

Any suggestions on how to change it to make it work for creating constructs? What sort of raw materials would he need?

Stat wise they will still work as undead.

I'm looking for.some good six mile wilderness hex maps, preferably with towns and points of interest. Anyone recommend any good sources?

Anyone know of a adventure involving a faerie mound/burrow?

Question about Theotechnicians-
So creating magic items...what level of change is it when a theotechnician is involved? I would hardly think it's impossible and maybe not even improbable.

Also, what if they don't want to create magic items for tons of people (through Dominion expenditures)? How long for an Adept to enchant a single +1 sword? Just enough items to outfit their friends?

Do the undead/husks in Ancalia operate with normal senses? For example, do they hunt by sight and are they effected by the Sunlight Gift that gives your an AC 3 versus creatures needing sight to attack you?

Or do they use scent or life-sense or some other power to hunt with?

Does anyone have (or have links to) any homebrew Low Magic paths?

So in my modern day game one of my players has Networking and reading it I'm not sure I grok it completely.

One of the common limitations on it is that it usually works to modify information on computers within 1 mile. However, in the world of cloud based servers and similar internet style stuff, it seems like other than secure computers, a character is rarely going to be within a mile of a server which could be anywhere in the world. How is this supposed to work? How do they use their powers (other than the ones that specifically let them spend an effort for the day)?

Also, a lot of the distance powers are recommended for modern settings of getting a multiplier. So if you are letting flight and journey powers work at x10 speed (to make them more impressive than a jet) should the 1 mile teleport power similarly be increased or is it taking into account because it is a modern only power?

Another thought re: Mortals

Allow Mortals to earn Dominion for Heroic Deeds. These can be spent on Probable and Imporbable changes only.

Gives a mechanic for mortals to be like celebrities and movers and shakers based on knowledge of their past deeds. Allows them to play in the political game of a realm. Allows them to have 'montage' moments where they whip a village into fighting shape ala any number of movies. And they get to do it without it needing GM fiat.

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