Inclusional information

"This inclusional view of information as content in relation to spatial context contrasts with the discretely packaged informational units of rationalistic, binary (either/or) logic and digital computers. Inclusional information, far from being broken up into transmissible bits and pieces of pure machine code that need to be protected from contamination by 'outside interference' or 'noise', produces vibrant, flexible language. It folds into and around the space it relates to as a dynamic matter-energy-containing boundary that nests inner spaces within outer spaces across all scales from sub-atomic to universal. This boundary is not the fixed limit of particulate things – it does not define but rather provides the mediating surface or interface through which inner and outer spaces reciprocally and simultaneously transform one another. The simple, profound reality that analytical logic tries to ignore is that one can't change without changing the other. And if we want to develop an approach that takes this reality into account, there is no better place to focus than on this informational boundary that integrates one with the other and is where their mutual transformation occurs. We can characterise this boundary in terms of its fundamental, changeable properties of deformability, permeability and continuity, and measure it in terms of its heterogeneity or fractal dimension, the degree to which it fills the space available for its occupation. From here, we can gain insights of the four fundamental processes through which life forms assimilate, conserve, explore for and recycle sources of energy."

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