#DecisionMaking  : Know, Think, Do

Nick Tasler writes for HBR,
"Decision-making will always be an exercise in coping with an unknowable future. No amount of deliberation can ever guarantee that you have identified the 'right' option. "

Know the ultimate strategic objective.
Avoid "criteria overload" and trying to weigh every possible consideration.

Think rationally about how your options align the ultimate objective.
Consult the "Anti-You" because "explaining your situation to another person often gives you new insights about the decision before the other person even responds."

Do something with that knowledge and those thoughts.
Quit "all of the planning, strategizing, number-crunching, and critical thinking" Select an option and let go of all the other "good" options.

LINK: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/07/make_good_decisions_faster.html

cc +Michael Josefowicz +David Pidsley +Paul Simbeck-Hampson +Dibyendu De  
ht +Simon Bostock for the find.
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