Self-organizing Intelligence

_The emergence of collective intelligence is intrinsically a process of self-organization. If the process were directed by a single individual (say, the group leader), who imposes a consensus view on the others, then that perspective would not be more powerful than the perspective of the leading individual. In other words, the collective would not be in any way
more intelligent than its leader. Self-organization happens in a distributed or decentralized manner: the different members of the group all contribute to the emerging organization, and no one is in control. This makes the process complex and intrinsically unpredictable, as tiny differences in the initial state (such as who speaks first, or which word is initially used to designate a particular item) may lead to very different outcomes. That is why such a process of group discussion and emergent interaction patterns needs to be understood with the conceptual tools of complexity science._

Francis Heylighen
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

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