How to Tell Stories with Data (Really)

Here's an interesting talk by Edward Segel at the January 2012 KDMC digital storytelling workshop. He shares insights from his paper (written in collaboration with Jeffrey Heer) entitled Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data. See here:

He begins by explaining the growth of data and how no one knows what to do with it all because it's simply too much. Data visualisation is said to make patterns in the data "perceptively digestible." He mentions four motivations behind the creation of "interactive visualisations": 1) for displaying an extensive analysis; 2) for personalisation to increase user's emotional engagement with a data set; 3) for showing a wide array of social responses and opinions; 4) for storytelling that guides users through the data in ways he fully describes in his talk. He then delves into the findings of his paper.

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