#DecisionMaking in times of complexity

I really like Snowden and Boone's Cynefin framework. It makes a lot of sense for understanding different contexts in which decisions are made. http://hbr.org/2007/11/a-leaders-framework-for-decision-making/

Key insight: In complex circumstances hindsight ≠ foresight.

"Finally, it’s important to remember that best practice is, by definition, past practice. Using best practices is common, and often appropriate, in simple contexts. Difficulties arise, however, if staff members are discouraged from bucking the process even when it’s not working anymore. Since hindsight no longer leads to foresight after a shift in context, a corresponding change in management style may be called for." / #Managers   #TodaysChallenges  
. . .
"Though a complex system may, in retrospect, appear to be ordered and predictable, hindsight does not lead to foresight because the external conditions and systems constantly change." / #AnticipateChange  

Image via: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/Cynefin_framework_Feb_2011.jpeg
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