+Cisco : $500B in Internet of Everything ( #IoT ) Wasted

"Cisco’s extension of the concept of the Internet of Things, or sensor-driven, machine-to-machine Internet traffic into a kind of anything-to-anything network of free-flying data was first and foremost on the company’s mind at its gathering in Boston. And while the company has big numbers to back that up – its figures estimate $14.4 trillion in net profit will be driven over the next 10 years by this movement – it seems very much like a “watch this space” message. Many solution providers that Channelnomics talked to at the show were intrigued by the possibilities, but saw little applicability to their business today."

"However, the company’s latest research on the subject may change those eyes from glazing to popped, as the company says that across 21 different use cases for the Internet of Everything (IoE), companies around the world will capture $614 billion in value this year alone. But the bigger news for channel partners is how much is being left on the table. Cisco’s study says that businesses feel there’s another $544 billion this year that could be captured through Internet of Everything types of solutions, but ultimately will not be."

#TodaysChallenges  : Dismantling command-and-control structures

Cisco president of sales and development Rob Lloyd suggests that the challenge "involves changing things like business models and company cultures, dismantling command-and-control structures on which many companies are built and establishing processes and systems whereby information is fed to the right people at the right time, and those people are empowered to act on it as quickly as possible."  cc #Executives  & #Managers  

Source: Channelbuzz.ca http://www.channelbuzz.ca/2013/06/cisco-500b-in-internet-of-everything-opportunities-going-down-the-drain-this-year-7050/
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