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Erin McNeill

Quote of the day: ""Beauty without intelligence is like a masterpiece painted on a napkin"

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I love these. <3
Some photos from the weekend, and just experimenting
Dogs in the living room (9 photos)
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Clockwork Peacock

This morning I rolled over a quarter turn,
opened my eyes just enough to know
I had one hour left.
Another quarter turn, and I laid on my back,
Peacock nestled against me;
together we were a piece of clockwork
with her measuring minutes,
and me measuring hours.
Her tiny white-tipped paws fit into my joints:
elbow, shoulder, with her watch-spring tail between,
as she too laid on her back
with my arm ticking away seconds
like a pendulum against her belly.

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I've lived in Florida, Georgia, and now Virginia and you can really feel it in those states -- Florida feels hetrogenius, with everyone different and from elsewhere. Virginia feels more isolated and like they really rather would only consort with themselves, if possible.

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Two pictures of Pea during the conformation match at the 2011 Versatility competition.
Pea at 2011 Versatility (2 photos)
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Maybe this is kind of how you do a wall post, eh, +Patrick McNeill ?

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So, this thing doesn't have a wall that you can use to leave messages for people? No private message feature either? (I guess it is all tied to the email, so there would be no need).

I dig this, but I am not creating another profile, damn it all!
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