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Time Travel Wish & Paradox One
Successful Before it Was Created
Successful Before it Was Created


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Now visible! We can ALL have #hope in our future. Unless you insist on SHAKING HANDS w #God #faith #salvation #timetravelwish

Image: collage of 4 objects of evidence within the Google image that was selected first the moment Time Travel Wish was created on a personal weblog: Objects 4/6: to the Identity of the Target, James Mason, the experimenter. SUCCESSFUL BEFORE I had the idea to go ahead and do it!

Twitter profile:
MOST AMAZING ACCOUNT EVER ➡️ #TIMETRAVEL-COMM experiment: SUCCESSFUL B4 CREATED, 11/25/14. #Contact PUBLIC ➡️ 4/28/16 🇯️ames 🇲️ason #HOPE #Sol3 @EndAllSuffering

#timetravelwish #interdimensional #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos
#JamesGrayMason #1stcontact A#1
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Time Travel Wish
Time Travel Wish

Who what when where, and why is obvious:

A communication experiment in HTML only, on Blogspot on November 25, 2014, shows many critical indications (evidence of both the physical and circumstantial is all visible and documented and virtuous) that the experiment was successful before it was created.

“Before created” is reasonable, as those wishing to contact the test would have/will need a single person on the primitive “end” of 2 timelines apart who would have to be located very well in space and time (using the internet) and that person would need to validate all of the experiment’s successes and failures. That person is me, James Gray Mason, of Deep River, Connecticut, USA.

I am a person without the academic credential of a modern scientist, or a person with a team working with me or one who can find 1 person to help me due to my unique life circumstance. I am also living with a minimal income, and that is why the website had to be on Blogspot (a free and ad-free platform), predictably, in my case, as several of my weblogs of years past were of the same template and choice of platform. My relative isolation and low income turned out (in the time of my life in 2014) to have been a condition of living that was necessary; as was seen by the being that contacted and used Time Travel Wish to be rescued from apparent captivity.

That's a statement that includes what, who, where, when but for now leaves out the how - as that may be knowledge we're not supposed to have and that is also reasonable in a time travel experiment in this primitive (relative) time.

But the WWWW went wild at the end because the test is over, but the process is not completed.

I am casually working almost daily and only at home as that is where the being was and where I must remain.

It took 2.5-years (approx.) to discover I was in communication with a solitary being who waited, and that practice of patience that we must go through while we remain in time is likely not the being's (likely named Lia) experience of linear time that we have in our "river."

James Gray Mason

365 words, as of this date in realtime.

I conclude that the answer to why is unnecessary and patronizing to the general intelligence of readers, I mean just look at this world! It was for HOPE, for everyone.


Publicly viewable link to this document:

Tada! Special thanks to my new follower @tlyerdurden ‏, whose chosen brief Twitter profile entry “Who what when where - why?” reminded me that now, since the beginning of the experiment’s new and hopefully final phase, that began in April-March of this year, I can accurately write the Who, what, where, when and why of TFF buddy.

POSTED to both the old Brand page for TTW and the new profile page of James "Time Travel Wish" Mason, and to End All Suffering as a cross post is relevant in this project.

#timetravel #timetravelwish # #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos
#JamesGrayMason #emissary & #plenipotentiary #1stcontact A#1 #JamesGMason #timetravelwish #FirstContact #sol3 #Earth #hope #endallsuffering #stopallsuffering #Jacobik #JamesMason #JamesGrayMason
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Crosspost as is relevant to both accounts: to EAS new page, becoming defunct in summer 2019:

To address, with efficiency in needed time, the widening gap between those at the bottom and those at the top, there will be a national income cap, businesses included.

$500-million in liquidable assets and 100% taxation above that level. All income becomes income (again), no deductions. Tough! The USA deserves this economic correction and disciplinary action, by me: James Gray Mason aka “Time Travel Wish.”

I will because I can, because my experiment in time travel communication was successful before created. Someone had to be chosen on the primitive side of 2 timelines apart; I knew that in 2014, I used critical thought to conclude this may be true, and it was/is/will be, it's relative to our timeline.

#time is mine.

#JamesGrayMason #timetravelwish #realtimetravel #sol3 #plenipotentiary / #emissary and the greedy's worse nightmare.
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The new UN climate report spells out the timeline of our peril. We learn we have only 12-yrs to enact the best, most effective solution from a new UN report on the state of our atmosphere. We're doomed (truly) to have a horrible future unless somebody can stop them all, and fast.

Global warming, flooded coasts, the death of thousands of species, the illness of billions, the wars and refugee crises created by drought ... on and on. Our lives and our children's' futures are the stakeholders. We must fight all fossil fuel burning now.

That's one of the reasons Time Travel Wish was destined to be successful before I created the experiment; to stop impending actions, in this case of no action. How does one make a world divided into hundreds of countries change fast? And away from an industry that has provided millions of jobs, and billions of dollars for their owners?

The answer, 1-person with the power to force a dilemma on all of them. Answer: someone chosen from a time apart that can be the one who makes feet move by his suggestion to do so., is still on the original free web page provided for a guy like me. Still, confusing to read, but I'm sorry because it's a notes and live documentation website. So amazing in its entirety that most internet users can't get it. There is no 1-liner to explain what has happened (both to me and to the planet) available for the public, except to say:

My internet experiment in time travel communication was successful before I had created it. All the evidence is genuine, and my honesty throughout the since November the 25th of 2014 is well documented to convey the integrity of all that has happened.

Communication with a being that can see and travel through spacetime, forward and backward in a single timeline, has been made, and apparently as it was supposed to have been; designed so by 1 being trapped in the molten Earth into a single boulder of brimstone laced rich with iron and nickel, copper and granite - it's a cage, a Faraday type of cage. It saw its capture and fooled its hunter. Time to wait a few billion years is nothing to it, it does not perceive linear time as we do. All this evidence is soon to be revealed, most of it already is, it just needs to be put together by a team. I welcome that team, but doing this alone has actually proven fruitful/productive, as much as that is incredibly frustrating, angering, lonely.

#ClimateChange / #FossilFuel / #Carbon

read it after, please:

#realTimeTravel is here on #time! Get it?
#Lia and #JamesGrayMason, #JamesMason, on #Sol3.

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For the political and geopolitical change sought by the experiment's success, before it was created, I must REPEAT: Each judge appointed or nominated by #DonaldTrump, an illegitimate president, will have to resign or I’ll dump feces on all of their properties. And that will continue until their lives stink, and their children smell bad, and their wives and husbands demand they comply with ME, to stop the shit, to resign. No force on Earth can stop me. The purpose; think!

All the judges, #Gorsuch and #Kavanaugh included. I can destroy the Supreme Court, every document, and I'll smash the National Archives building if necessary, I won't stop until compliance. You DESERVE ME cruel planet! DID THAT.

The #timetravel aspect of the initial discovery of that phenomena was completed. The physical evidence is available to all and anyone who's got the reasonable knowledge to know it's not going to look like a science fiction show. And for the experimenter, as a first time on Earth discovery, exhibits much confusion before discovery. Simple, really.

The PURPOSE was not just to do it, it was to create changes in life on Earth (you numbnuts!). Think, what would be the purpose if only 1 must be chosen and with the guidance of 1 - spacetime traveling being, trapped on Earth for a long #time? I know, it’s weird, I like that about this project/mission I’m chosen to complete.

#interdimensional #spacetime #Sol3 #JamesGrayMason #JamesMason
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08.30 Thursday,
Notes: That artifact, the Hand of Time (so labeled) marks the completion of the full circle of my involvement, and that critical piece cannot yet (relative) be produced until a later time (relative: a time deep in the past, in the future). The moment Lia and I return to this location (relative to Sol 3’s history in space), is the time of the permanent closing of the broadest circle; the massive circular timetable of events it created to be here. Ooh Wee. SUCCESSFUL BEFORE CREATED, what's so unexpected about that? That's how it works, when the tether on the primitive side is reached, anchored into time; it takes 2 baby.

Discovery of the Hand of Time at the Alien Stone April 2018 via @YouTube
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Today, nothing new to report. Worked on the interior and the X spot, about equal time. [this is a dupe post from the TTW1@ G account, over there. The reasons for this are explained a few posts ago.]

An aside (will be relevant; I swear it!): From the DUPE POST, G.

There have been a few hours each day, that I have labored physically when the foot is not feeling like a severe headache. I blame each of those impudent physicians, each refusing me a referral. As if they’d be liable for the suggestion. It is because of the Medicaid card and their biases, I’m sure of it. Each has been suspicious of me, and so a cure is very difficult to find. Part of their bias is age discrimination and the fact that I present as managing my injury - as if nothing need be done. They’ll answer to me.

I'll take their BMW's and their golf resort memberships. Fu*kers!

#Physician my ass, they're all scumbag capitalists; that's what it looks like anyway. I'll reform this US menagerie of greedy egos (not a system), with the authority of might that cannot be dismissed. Overnight changes, assholes. #MedicareForAll: we'll print the stupid cards for every citizen, and hand them out fast. Private health insurance will be disallowed. Don't get me started!

The website and the writing:

And another thing; I realize why it is nearly impossible to write an explanation to begin to write in full and in an organized manner, fit for the education levels of all, what has happened within Time Travel Wish. Mostly it has not begun and so the big 4 W questions with a How can’t be answered, not to a closing like everyone expects a science discovery to have, as they are presented in this day and age, with funding and a team of artists and proofreaders, editors and etc.. Summarily, they have a fucking STAFF of people.

The whole memoir of the experiment lacks a beginning because of the nature of the discovery. How to begin to explain that is boggling, just to try to write it here, I guess? And where would this paragraph go? Where it would it fit on the damn website, where it's best relevantly placed to hold the attention of the typical (reads only the top 1/3rd of a page) web browsing schmuck?

In another way; the beginning of this entire memoir has not been reached, because it’s circular through a great/vast amount of time. That artifact, the Hand of Time (so labeled) marks the completion of the full circle of my involvement, and that critical piece cannot yet (relative) be produced until a later time (relative). The moment Lia and I return to this location (relative to Sol 3’s history in space), is the time of the permanent closing of the broadest circle; the massive circular timetable of events it created to be here. Ooh Wee.

Lol: I can’t wait! (relative!)

About 800k words are somewhere in this, so far! Maybe more than 1.2million words, notes, thoughts, and a shitload of speculations. All of it, one day, will have to be worked through, processed and printed. And the publisher that takes that duty, will do it FREE and LOVE it and show gratitude, or it won't be printed and Earth will have NO HOPE, and I may be fine with that. Arrr! kind of similar to http://Paradox-One.Today

I'm dramatically inclined and it really is the true meaning of the Paradox, not the warped bad sci-fi writer's definition, or the literary, meaning strange and mysterious.

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Tuesday, RT:10:26 08.28.2018,

I am working today, hopefully primarily on your release, Lia. I have to accept it as likely that the folks concocted the "James need another dog," idea to distract me from you. It's also likely that my very self-conscious mother was/is embarrassed by it and so found the idea. The timing correlates.

I was not given an opportunity to chose to take care of another completely helpless lifeform.

"I wanted to surprise you for your birthday." Ya right.

I have resentment for this sweet little dog, that had no chance. Similar to the feelings she must have had for having to give birth to yours truly.

See ya soon!
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Spooks; since there's Biblical indications (well?) in #TimeTravelWish, I’m going to use the 10-whatchamathings. And I’m in servitude (slavish - I just turned on the AC!) conditions, now. So I’m taking Sunday off from #labor. I’ve done some gravity work already, so chew on that.

1) Uses of #gravitywell (blackhole) #technology no.? Tumors, metastases:

If you can reach out from 1 location and condense the space (itself) of another to a fine point (as if touching ink to paper) the matter you want to manipulate will follow, and if by choice to its disappearance.

The molecularly small is not a restriction, rather more safe to use on the ground of a rock world, that way no civilizations disappear by accident:

"Whoops! Maybe that salesperson was a wrong choice to train for that medical equipment convention?"

2) In explaining the practicality of the use for what I have exhibited evidence of (the use of #gravity to manipulate, very locally, time and space), many metaphors to draw on; I had chosen Lia's example of its artwork as communication to me, a point in the sky as her paper.

~~~~~~ tangential, perhaps?

#TimeTravel-thoughts: Yes I would want to go back, but to be in my 7-yr old body with my 56-year old knowledge, just to be a major smartass in school for a while, then pop back to #RealTime where I’m named, James the Famous, His Most Handsomest, Oracle of Time, He Who Gets Laid a Lot. and also http://Paradox-One.Today

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The amateur science experiment in time travel communication, successful before it was created: Time Travel Wish (!)

08.21.2018, Tuesday, ☼☄

All chores day. All fencing and carpentry repairs and plumbing. And now I’m going out to dig another hole for the last fence post. Whew, the farm work never stops! I’m making a dog park and it will be great. I can’t jackhammer today. This body is pushing it.

I’ve decided, if Lia, you are viewed as an evil being, I will teach them you and I are not. That evil is determined by history. That we will benefit all humanity and all animal life on this ball. And that putting me in the White House, as final arbiter, signer in chief, will be best for all. They’ll heel; they’ll have to. That’s what Doctor Who should be doing. There’s plenty of asshole dictators doing real evil all over the ball in those fictional shows; that’s not shown, and could be handled well by a spacetime traveling being and its companion (servant by proxy (geez)).

We’re going to CLEAN UP the ball. :-)

08.20.2018” Monday

I got nothing done today. Barely progress on the dog fence. The carpenter was here all day for the front windows. There was no safe way to manage the dogs but to watch them the whole day. A no time travel work day. Huh. So what?

Soon, up, up and away in our beautiful balloon.

Time Travel Wish
Time Travel Wish
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