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Snack Shop Vending services LLC

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State of the art machines and technology
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Stare of the art machines
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Snack Shop LLC
Desiree Lewis -owner (208)880-0588
Snack Shop services:
*Refreshment station can vend any type of drink from bottles to cans, from juice, milk, tea, water, sports drinks and soda
*21 different snacks and 8 different drinks-YOU CHOOSE THE PRODUCTS
*It has a credit card reader and you can use coins or bills
*Fully electronic software is linked to my computer, I always am aware of what needs to be stocked or replaced on a daily basis.
*15% commission goes to you
*Machines only take up 3ft. of floor space and are 72” tall
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Snack Shop LLC
Revolutionary Refreshment Station:
4 machines in one!
-It’s a SODA machine
-It’s a SNACK machine
-It’s a WATER and SPORTS DRINK machine
-It’s an ENERGY DRINK machine
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