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And so it begins. Apple tried it under the banner of being 'artistic' and looked foolish, Microsoft tried it and the monopolies commission slowed them down, and now, Google has become the biggest brother of them all....

Does Google even Bro?

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Ten layers and L10+-farm

Last night some of Stockholm Enlightened's female L10+ players farmed Skeppsholmen and made a ten layer field in the most female symbol of them all, the triangle. (Ingress is really focused on celebrating the woman, keep fielding!)

Thanks to +Harald Fragner for fotographing.

Samantha Gainsford, Arctica, L13
Mirja Larsson, minimila, L13
Anja Mesenholl, tapptapp, L12
Maria Robertsson, Mria, L11
Christina Tånnander, kpistina, L10
Lou Westman Susfu, L10
Egle Zioma, daywish, L10
Lotta Östergren, wail8, L10 
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Menyn från gårdagens middag. Allt runtomkring var toppklass från miljö till service. Maten låter jag ännu smälta i intrycken, men jag vet att jag vill tillbaka. Och att keso för första gången har ett existensberättigande när de gör den.
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