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I could NOT believe they sent a SWAT TEAM after this young man for a student loan? WTH? Do you realize how much that cost the Taxpayers?
This is how they come for people now? CRAZY! #liberty
************************************************** | A SWAT team broke into a home at the request of the US Department of Education to arrest and collect on a defaulted student loan. Kenneth Wright was dragged from his Stockton California home in his underwear while his children were in held police custody for several hours as they searched for his estranged wife. We bring you coverage of the unfolding story with remarks from Sheriff Richard Mack on the increased use of SWAT teams nationwide and Congressman Ron Paul's remarks on the Department of Education.
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Makes me glad I pay my loans...
Only going to get better once CISPA gets in place... Welcome to the new corporate controlled America.
Bailouts for bankers and swat teams for the rest of us struggling to survive. Unbelievable!

Actually, when i think about it, based on everything else that is going on (frisking babies and 90 year old women in diapers), it is quite believable but absolutely ridiculous!

It almost seems like a commercial to scare people — yes, as the news anchor suggests.
I believe in frisking babies and 90 year old diapered women. If I were going to blow up a plane, train, building, whatever, I'd definitely use a baby or an old woman as a human bomb. People don't want to suspect them, so they don't.
Good. So they'll be watching for me and not a baby or an old woman. See how easy that was?
The US department has already declared the war on Terror was over so why have the freakn TSA anyway?
Because eventually someone will get in and blow something up. Possibly an American, even. People are crazy.

Also, I researched this SWAT thing. They busted in his door over a criminal investigation, not his estranged wife's defaulted student loan. The reports were later corrected.
It's part of the Useless Jobs Creation bill.
I was going to make a smart-assed remark, and then I realized that not only do I owe student loans I can't pay, I'm probably already on at least one watch list because of my politics . . . I'm thinking maybe it's not a good idea to make remarks to +Sami Smile about messing up plans to put things in diapers.
Lol, I think you've helped me decide how I'll fly from now on.
You know it is +Jeffrey Hamby squandering money and paying the good old boys big bucks over something like this is ridiculous. The way they are trying to scare the hell out of people to submit is NOT helping Obama
I believe it's helping those that hope he's a one term President though.
+Wendy Burnett If you don't think two steps past the enemy, they'll get you.
I'm a whiz at worst case scenarios and horrific thoughts. I should write books...
+Jeffrey Hamby I'd be hoping he was a one term president myself, except that the Republican candidates terrify me even more than a continuation of this mess does. . .
That's because all republicans are naturally terrifying.
Isn't it just like those in charge to say it was about some criminal offence that they can not discuss? Of course they can't... stupid idiots would have egg on their face
Either way, fraud or whatever. She wasn't even there he had no criminal recorded, but an armed raid and a broken door, drug kingpin raid style, is overkill.

They chose poorly.
Pure fascism, plus some rounded corners so John Doe won't notice!
Gotta justify all the money they're spending on SWAT teams and such some way, so they use em for stupid shit . . .
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