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I wonder if we can get #BoycottGoogle to trend before they delete it from the trending list?
In light of what's happening to Google Reader I'm really looking for alternatives to everything from Google. I also want to make sure the alternatives are open-source so that even if those behind them decide to close them, someone can always keep them running.

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Want to see Google Reader live on? Reshare and help spread the word.

+Google #Reader

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This is in itself a strong argument for the open Internet over the walled garden that Google is further embracing by killing Google #Reader .
Seems Google killed the #Reader tag... 
Not in the top 10? Really?
Shame, shame!
Way to add insult to injury ... 

On Twitter, where they have no control, it is still the top Trending (the whole day now) in The Netherlands.

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Excellent point. Google Reader is an important part of the entire information ecosystem, even if it is (apparently) mainly used by those upstream.

Now, thinking a bit more on the subject, shutting down Google Reader will hurt Google Plus (aka Google+ or G+) in a way that they might not anticipate.

I use Google Reader for so long that I don't even remember what was there before that. And I have built quite a list of sites that I follow (regularly or semi-regularly) and they are most of my news feed. When I see something "newsworthy" or interesting to me, I share it with the people that I know. (I also have some economy-related feeds that I am reading, but these not got shared through G+, since I don't know how to split my interests into 2 streams - one is Tech and one is Economics, but that's another story). People that I share items with do the same -- they share only what they think is worth to read. This, in essence  gives me best picks off the wast news-sphere that I cannot cover even if it would be a full-time job. These small posts-sharing sub-communities born and live by the feeds, and they might be invisible to outsider, but they do exist, and many people value them.

Quite a big part of my G+ circles are these people - people that sharing things interesting to me (we have some common interests), or people who    are the news (like +Richard Branson), or well-thought people with may be different view on reality (like +Dalai Lama). I probably wouldn't be able to find some of them unless people that I followed shared it. ( Talk about chained reaction in community building.) 

Yes, the sharing media was changing over time - first it was in the Reader itself, then it became Buzz, now it is G+ circles. The water well stayed the same over all these years, the same compact, fast, no too many frills Google Reader, allowing getting through hundreds (I am not kidding) of news items quickly. Yes, I looked for other RSS aggregation that might provide the same functionality, but always came back to Reader. The fact that Reader is integrated into whole Google's current offering makes is  even more attractive.

Google, please don't kill the Reader. You will hurt existing communities (G+ or  semi-private ones) in a way that you might not expect.

#reader   #savegooglereader  

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Spread this along. If enough people demand #Reader stay open, maybe Google will change its mind.

Oh, another #DriveForLinux trend! Cool! Maybe Google will come out with their own sync client before #Grive is a fully-stable daemon.

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I haven't gotten custom themes yet, but from the looks of it they aren't really a theme creator like you had with the old look. They're merely the ability to add a custom photo background. I can't stand photo backgrounds and all the transparencies as the are implemented in the new look, so this is useless to me. And this also means they aren't likely to give us a real theme creator anytime this Gmail release cycle. :::sigh:::

Stylish (and similar browser add-ons) remains the only way to escape the Gmail new look debacle.

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In the long wait for #DriveForLinux I've taken to using #Dropbox instead. I love the service. It's dead simple, has excellent Linux support, and has genuine innovation in the space (for example, their uploading only the pieces of a file that has changed).

It would be a shame if Google Drive and SkyDrive killed them off through sheer brand name recognition and resources. As it stands now, that's a serious danger. it would appear that, outside of the amount of storage allotment, Dropbox is still better than Google Drive (this is gleaned from news reports; I can't test it because there's no #DriveForLinux yet), but it isn't sufficiently better to justify the 4x price premium for extra storage. I think they're going to have to find a way to bring that down if they're going to survive. They're also going to have to be more flexible in their storage plans. Lots of people need more than the 2 gigabytes + bonus space and less than 50 GB. Also, users who need more than 100 GB have to go to the super-expensive teams package. That needs to change.

I'd encourage anyone who is tired of waiting for Google Drive on Linux, and anyone who is curious, to give it a try. If you use this promo link, we'll both get extra space for free:

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Hate Gmail's new look like me? This Stylish userstyle is amazing. It makes it look like the old Gmail. If some talented person on the Internet can do it with a third-party extension script, surely Google can provide a Classic theme under the new system!

There's also a Stylish cure for Google Reader's new look. Though it's not as miraculously awesome as the Gmail one, it is a vast improvement.

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I'm starting to wonder whether #driveforlinux or Grive will be ready first.
Provided that we don't have too many serious bugs to fix, the next release will be 0.1.0 and will have full 2-way sync. In other words, it will work like dropbox which you can leave grive running as a daemon and it will keep both your local directory and the google drive in sync. v0.1.0 will be the first alpha release.

I just found out the dropbox uses xattr to store its own metadata. Therefore it needs to mount the file system with the "use_xattr" option. It even modifies your /etc/fstab! It surprised some people. My first thought is that grive does not need xattr, unlike dropbox. I prefer to store the metadata in .grive_state and keep it small instead.

These are of course an initial thought and may be changed later.

And in order to detect changes in google drive, grive will support something like "changestamp", which is a sequence number to identify each change in google drive. Grive will save the latest changestamp in .grive_state.

To detech local changes, I plan to use inotify. Any one familiar with inotify enough to contribute?

It's still a long way to go to full 2-way sync. My expectation is at least one week. Thanks everyone for your patience.

#grive #driveforlinux
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