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Analog clocks have always annoyed me, so I decided to make my own. This is the logical solution I think. There's only one hand, which moves round once a day and shows where the sun is on the map. In the photo it is nearly 10pm in the UK so the sun is over the Alaska timezone. The 6am-6pm line is your horizon, so the top half is your daytime.

This one is for GMT/UTC - you'd need to rotate the map for different timezones, to put your location at the top under the noon marker.

The map is an azimuthal equal-area projection, made with NASA's G.Projector:

I bought a 24-hour clock and simply inserted the printed map in place, after removing the minute and second hands.
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Brilliant - get someone to make these for you and sell them - I'd buy one as long as they aren't too expensive
I'm imagining a little DST correction lever that would rotate the map together with the clock mechanism against the numbers.
Really neat. Thanks for sharing!
I think it's possible to put numbers on clock's glass somehow (transparent film or something) to be able to rotate a map independently.
Thanks everyone for the kind words! +Debby Edwards, +Karen Peck: I don't want to make them for money but I'd certainly help you make your own. I'll post full instructions.
Yes, indeed, post instructions!  This would make for a very educational clock for the kids.
Might also be interesting to keep the numbers stationary with the "sun" at the top, then rotate the map.
+Adam Liss: Yes, especially for those in the Southern hemisphere: I think I prefer a fixed map because a) it's easier to read, b) it's easier to make from a clock, c) you get a nice horizon line and d) it is closer to a sundial. But give it a go and let me know what you make.
You should sell those!
I'll order one, preassembled or as an assembly kit. 
My only requirement is that it shouldt have ticking sounds -- these hurt my concentration 
Thanks +Tim Hutton the bf is going to make it. Ill post a pic when we're done if we're successful. It's a brilliant idea-if u ever fancy a little sideline u know u can always sell these, everyone wants one!!
Hi Tim
Where did you get the 24-hr clock ?
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