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This giant aluminum structure that looks like a piece of coral was just installed by Marc Fornes & Very Many. See more photos at the link:

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Hand-tracking together with physics interfaces.

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Some beautiful, challenging projects that are well worth making.

Our daughter (9) was so excited she hugged me and said "I love maths!"

One of her homework questions was: "Tom spends £2 on 10p and 20p stamps. He buys three times as many 10p stamps as 20p stamps. How many of each did he buy?"

It's a standard sort of question that usually makes me sigh and reach for some algebra and start rearranging equations. But she'd seen a simpler way, which was this:

If he'd bought just one 20p stamp, and thus three 10p stamps, he would have spent 50p. So he must have done that four times, to make £2. Done.

It's a small but significant insight, and she experienced the joy of seeing it for herself.

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Just brilliant. Artificial life as art.

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More mandelbulby than the mandelbulb.
True 3D Kleinian limit sets

Made possible thanks to an algorithm by +Jos Leys .
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A great series of 13 short videos explaining imaginary numbers, complex functions and introducing Riemann surfaces.

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Turns out that wave packets behave a bit like jelly (jello) thrown at a wall. Sbloop!

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Things got very silly at our workshop today.
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