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Pull-quote: "There's a gap between thinking and doing. The gap grows through fears about building the wrong thing or not knowing how to start. It manifests through excessive research, questions to colleagues, and theories and predictions about how something should be built. All of this, to circumvent failure in its many forms. Shortening the gap means overcoming these fears by accepting that failure is unavoidable—something to harness rather than fear"

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Elegant design for a mechanical Langton's Ant.

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My daughter has learnt how to do parallel turns. Here is 15 minutes of her skiing from the top of La Tania to the bottom. +Neela Hutton +Jim Hutton

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Loosen your reality anchors.
I can't quite get this one right, and so it hasn't gone to publication yet. If you have any feedback on what isn't working -- because something isn't -- I'd apprecaite it.

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This giant aluminum structure that looks like a piece of coral was just installed by Marc Fornes & Very Many. See more photos at the link:

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Hand-tracking together with physics interfaces.

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Some beautiful, challenging projects that are well worth making.

Our daughter (9) was so excited she hugged me and said "I love maths!"

One of her homework questions was: "Tom spends £2 on 10p and 20p stamps. He buys three times as many 10p stamps as 20p stamps. How many of each did he buy?"

It's a standard sort of question that usually makes me sigh and reach for some algebra and start rearranging equations. But she'd seen a simpler way, which was this:

If he'd bought just one 20p stamp, and thus three 10p stamps, he would have spent 50p. So he must have done that four times, to make £2. Done.

It's a small but significant insight, and she experienced the joy of seeing it for herself.

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Just brilliant. Artificial life as art.

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More mandelbulby than the mandelbulb.
True 3D Kleinian limit sets

Made possible thanks to an algorithm by +Jos Leys .
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