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Does anyone know of a free music player software that will allow me to collapse and expand the field by which my tracks are sorted?  For example, I would only see a list of artists until I expanded a particular artist and would then see that artist's tracks...similar to the way files are expanded and collapsed in Windows.  This was a feature I really liked in MusicMatch Jukebox back when I had a computer with Windows XP.  Thanks.

Any one else tired if hearing about this??

Today I am thankful for the internet and the escape it provides from the mainstream media. I am also thankful for forums and for google+ , for providing a more interesting and less superficial alternative to facebook. Oh family is great too! :) 

I thought you might be interested in this article: GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS? Obama administration OKs $45M for cops in schools.

I am looking at changing gyms (again) and would like to pose a question:  What is important to you when choosing a gym?  Which features are a requirement for you?  Which features do you prefer, and which features can you do without?

I knew the media would eventually try to make this out to be "someone's fault" when the initial hype of the accident began to subside. It may have been someones fault and I agree it should be looked at, but I dislike the predictability of the mainstream news media.

I have been training for a 5k for about 3 weeks and now knee pain has put out for the evening.  I hope it will be better tomorrow.  The actual pain I feel is not debilitating or even terribly painful, but the thought of making it worse encourages me to rest.  My knees never were the same after the second time I went snow skiing 6 years ago.  They also saw a lot of impact during my softball days.  I have PT straps I wear while running and those help.  I notice it most when getting up and down, and especially when walking down stairs.  I would like to think this will go away one day but am afraid it will be a lifelong aggravation.

I wanted to know if anyone has had an experience with this, and it possibly being something completely unrelated that was treated in a different way, like changes in diet or something more  related to health and less related to injury.

I had my knees x-rayed 5 years ago and the x-rays showed no damage.

Runners: Are there any cheap and simple ways to carry water with you while running a 5k trail for practice. Or, do I just need to go to a sporting goods store and get some sort of backpack type gear?

Thanks to whomever suggested I use myfitnesspal , it is a lot of fun and is one of the best free apps I have ever used! 
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