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Holly Court
A five foot tall twenty-two-year-old with too many clothes!
A five foot tall twenty-two-year-old with too many clothes!


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Luxury Holidays Around The World
With hundreds of airlines offering tempting deals and apps like Skyscanner helping customers choose from the most affordable plane tickets, travelling the world has never been easier. From Mauritius to the Gold Coast, there are thousands of paradisiac desti...

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Faux Fur Coats For The Evening
I've always thought that there's something about faux fur which exudes effortless glamour. And as we are now officially in December (yay!), there has NEVER been a better time to invest in an evening faux fur coat. Whether it's an office Christmas party, a w...

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It can be tricky to come up with inspired, unique gift ideas . You don’t want to get something uninteresting or something similar to another gift, so this is why researching is so important. It can be difficult to pick a single gift idea from your brain wit...

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My Top Checked Coat Picks
'Check' out my top checked coat picks! Yes, I did just go there with a dreadful pun. But anyway. I am loving checked coats this season. I never thought I'd ever really want to wear anything that resembled a picnic rug, but there is nothing wrong with picnic...

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Short Girl Problems: My Secret To Finding A Coat That Fits
As a coat-lover to the point of possibly unhealthy obsession , I spend way longer than I should getting distracted by pretty coats. But is there anything more annoying than finding your COAT OF DREAMS...and then realising it won't fit. No amount of sleeve-r...

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Finding The Perfect Man Gift This Christmas - Gift Ideas
I thought I'd write this post nice and early (well, early in my book) because the 'finding of the Christmas man presents' is the task that takes me the most time. And causes me the most stress. And confuses me the most. I mean really though, what do they wa...

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Spending Christmas In London
London is a place which appears on pretty much everyone’s travel bucket list at one stage in their lives. It is the place the Queen of England calls home, and also where most of the largest buildings in the UK reside. London is an incredibly diverse city- i...

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Bonfire Attire
I've always loved Bonfire Night - there's definitely something about fire, fireworks and sparklers (pyromaniac anyone?) that marks the ultimate descent into Winter and an excuse to wear giant fluffy coats and OTT bobble hats. As we know, standing round a bo...

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Live Your Best Faux Fur Life: Fun Coat Picks
I'm obsessed with faux fur coats this year! The cold weather turns my brain to the size of a pea and I find I become incapable of doing most things, including putting a nice outfit together. That's where a 'loud' or a 'bold' faux fur coat (or even just a fa...

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With Love | Adding To My Jewellery Box
I've always believed that the right pieces of jewellery can, literally, make an outfit. No matter what you're wearing, the right pieces always have the ability to give your look a huge lift. But as I've got older, I've started to appreciate that it's so muc...
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