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OMG that is so awesome, just take off the glasses and I see Marilyn. Helloooo beautiful.
I can see her if I cross my eyes!
Hahaha that is genius lol, Took my glasses off and suddenly Einstein was Hot! lol Beer Goggles syndrome at its best lol
+Mike Bishop Immediately call TMZ! Then call the FBI; I'm sure there is a reward.
the smaller the picture is the more of monroe you see
Marilyn in one eye Albert in the other (without my glasses my vision is really messed up).
I will never look at Einstein the same way again.
wow!...I saw Albert until I squinted my eyes...then there was Marilyn!
They both get me pretty excited, so it's win-win for me!
I see Marilyn with a mustache when I cross my eyes.
What happens if your far sighted? o_o
My sight might be abnormal, cuz I stood across the distance of my house and could still make out only Einstein or some freaky ghoul.
I see Einstein with my glasses on. If I take off my glasses and close my left eye, I still see Einstein, but if I close my right eye, I see Monroe.
people with normal vision, if you want to see marilyn, cross your eyes, its really cool, it works for me :D
Wow that's cool o.o I can only see marilyn if I blur my vision...but I am miopic and I was looking without my glasses
I'd never wear glasses even if I needed them, but Einstein sure looks hot! :-)
Wow - can see Einstein with my glasses, Marilyn without them!
+ThomasUhl eh I need em im blind as a bat 
I see a travesti what that say about my vision?
This may be the wierdest thing I have ever Ever EVER seen!
"short-sighted" here means "near-sighted," right? They're really not synonymous, but a vision test couldn't determine short-sightednes... Anyhow I see both.
Just Awesome... Who Created this and how ?????/
Shortsighted is the British way of saying nearsighted.
I knew they were the same person. Kinda like Bruce Wayne and Batman. 
Great work. Was this done using low and high spatial frequency filters?
actually took 5-10 min of my morning to "test" this with coworkers... excitement of my day.. woot!!
Looks like a gaussian blur of marylin monroe with a burn/dodge filter of einstein's edges on it. When it's out of focus, the edges disappear. Or something.
it's really amazing. 
Someone's genius is showing.
That cool! When I stood back a bit further I saw Winston Churchill. What does that mean?
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