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OMG that is so awesome, just take off the glasses and I see Marilyn. Helloooo beautiful.
I can see her if I cross my eyes!
Hahaha that is genius lol, Took my glasses off and suddenly Einstein was Hot! lol Beer Goggles syndrome at its best lol
+Mike Bishop Immediately call TMZ! Then call the FBI; I'm sure there is a reward.
the smaller the picture is the more of monroe you see
Marilyn in one eye Albert in the other (without my glasses my vision is really messed up).
wow!...I saw Albert until I squinted my eyes...then there was Marilyn!
They both get me pretty excited, so it's win-win for me!
I see Marilyn with a mustache when I cross my eyes.
My sight might be abnormal, cuz I stood across the distance of my house and could still make out only Einstein or some freaky ghoul.
I see Einstein with my glasses on. If I take off my glasses and close my left eye, I still see Einstein, but if I close my right eye, I see Monroe.
people with normal vision, if you want to see marilyn, cross your eyes, its really cool, it works for me :D
Wow that's cool o.o I can only see marilyn if I blur my vision...but I am miopic and I was looking without my glasses
I'd never wear glasses even if I needed them, but Einstein sure looks hot! :-)
Wow - can see Einstein with my glasses, Marilyn without them!
+ThomasUhl eh I need em im blind as a bat 
I see a travesti what that say about my vision?
This may be the wierdest thing I have ever Ever EVER seen!
"short-sighted" here means "near-sighted," right? They're really not synonymous, but a vision test couldn't determine short-sightednes... Anyhow I see both.
Just Awesome... Who Created this and how ?????/
Shortsighted is the British way of saying nearsighted.
I knew they were the same person. Kinda like Bruce Wayne and Batman. 
Great work. Was this done using low and high spatial frequency filters?
actually took 5-10 min of my morning to "test" this with coworkers... excitement of my day.. woot!!
Looks like a gaussian blur of marylin monroe with a burn/dodge filter of einstein's edges on it. When it's out of focus, the edges disappear. Or something.
Someone's genius is showing.
That cool! When I stood back a bit further I saw Winston Churchill. What does that mean?
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