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Alan makes great stuff. Support him!
So you can now give me a small monthly tip to support me making weird free games:

10% of the money goes to supporting crowdfunding campaigns of other game developers/game critics.
10% goes to a different musician each month, with a particular focus on people who aren't white cis men.
And if I use PuzzleScript, 10% goes to Stephen Lavelle for making the best prototyping tool I've ever used.

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Three Body Problem is my first real attempt at making a challenging high score game.

I’m quite pleased to finally release it. I think I've been rather ridiculously perfectionist about it, for such a small game. It spent about a year just sitting on my hard drive, practically finished, just waiting to be given a name. You can thank +Martin Hollis for finally providing the title that enabled me to let it go.

I have my own web player page for it, but I’m also trying out hosting on kongregate, which is currently the only version with an online high score table. Standalone versions are also available to download for Windows and Mac.

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Some images of my new little unity3d high score game that I shall be releasing shortly.
Three Body Problem
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I like the way of thinking that this article explains. Making a distinction between impairment and disability, where being disabled means someone else has disabled you by discriminating against you because of your impairment.

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This is a great bit of parenting. A dad mods Zelda to gender-flip all the pronouns so that his daughter can identify with the protagonist and doesn't get any reinforcement of unhealthy gender roles.

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This by +Jonas Kyratzes says a lot of what I've wanted to say about this Greenlight $100 business. The reaction of those so privileged as to not understand the objection to it is far more alarming than the charge itself.

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HyperRogue is brilliant, and I've spent most of the day playing it. It's a roguelike on a hyperbolic plane. Which seems to mostly mean the infinite world is larger than it looks. If something disappears off the edge of the screen you'll find it almost impossible to get back to it. The countless borders between lands are all actually straight lines that never cross, even though they appear to curve off the edge of the screen.

But there's other smart stuff it does that has nothing to do with the non-euclidean geometry. It's a combat game without hitpoints. If you hit something first, you kill it. If you end your turn next to something dangerous, it kills you. Basic enemies are easily dispatched on their own, but you need to think ahead when retreating away from groups.

But then, each land has its own unique twists, which you can learn about by right clicking on stuff. Ice walls melt from your body heat. Sandworms can only be killed by trapping them (which I've not yet managed to do). The branches of jungle vines take turns to grow in a clockwise order - you have to reach the centre to destroy them and take their treasure.

The general aim is to collect the gems and other treasures. The more treasures you find and the more enemies you kill, the more types of lands unlock. But the more treasure you pick up in a particular land, the more enemies come to stop you. So there's a balance of grabbing the treasure, then escaping to another land before you get overwhelmed.

(Tip: turn on the 'escher' wall display mode by accessing the options screen with 'v')

I'm taking part in this Ludum Dare #ld48. Theme is "evolution".

I had set myself some limitations before the theme was revealed. I want to do something achievable, so I decided that unless some amazing other idea came to me, I would be making a 2D game with physics, which is what I'm good at setting up quickly, and that it would be a high-score game, to curb my tendency to just make weird new interactions that nobody can figure out what to do with.

So my current plan is for a game about hunting rapidly evolving prey. I'm hoping to give the other creatures a modular structure, so you can see their mutations. If I have time, I might steal +Tom Francis's idea ( for the player avatar to be a growing creature whose capabilities change as the game goes on.

I expect there's going to be a lot of games with a similar idea. Or at least, I sort of hope so. If its all RPG stats or pokemon-style 'evolution', I'll be disappointed.

I'm doing Ludum Dare 23 this weekend. The theme is "Tiny World".

I'm planning on doing a game about flying about in a spaceship, sucking up matter, and shooting it out to redistribute it to other planetoids.

I also want to try it with a control method I made for a TIGJam last year, where you move the mouse to create wind. I think that prototype has been broken by a Unity update since then, so I'll first need to update that.

It's all been hexagon maths this morning, so no images yet.

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What's better than placeholder visuals of grey cubes? Grey cubes with lighting!
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