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Do you know how to strengthen your faith in YOU through positive thinking? By knowing who you are in the positive.

Know thyself. Know thyself. Know thyself.

Practice staying connected to God/Spirit/Universe through PRAYER, MEDITATION, even exercising and cooking can be positive ways to connect to Source, and because these are things you enjoy doing.
You are being more receptive and trusting that HE only wants to bless you abundantly! Are you in your own way?

Are you trusting your PRAYERS through positive thinking? Remember that HE is always with us and HE can successfully overcome any challenge - Always choose to live bravely and faithfully. It works when you do!

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My motto Proverbs 31:25
I know that's right!!!
Thinking positive thoughts can definitely be exhausting. As positive thinkers it is OK to be tired and it is OK to get discouraged. It is NOT okay to give up.

What if Madame Mare Currie had given up? What if Dr. Jonas Salk had given up? What if former president Nelson Mandela had given up? What if our mother's had given up?

Are you forever watchful of the work you do for yourself, for your family and for HIM. Be careful of negative distractions this may cause confusion when you are weary and discouraged and sick.

Do you believe and trust that HIS positive intention is that we are all prepared and willing to work for the positive things we pray for?

Repeat after me, I am determined to succeed, tired, yes, giving up NEVER!"

"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU is what I LOVE to do!"

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Remember there are two laws, earthly and God's. The earthly laws will entice and confuse you. Ethereal laws will offer clarity and illumination.

Positive thinking will inspire you to move toward the light, releasing e.g.o., darkness and false promises.

Remember whatever higher power you believe practice and read, trust how you are being positively blessed by empowering others with your enthusiastic light. Your positive attitude is illuminating!

Your positive thinking is the light of truth. Enjoy and revel in it!
Blessings and positive thinking successes & more!

"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU is what I LOVE to do!"
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Saying "NO" has no negative power over you. Choose wisely WHO you give your positive YESES to. You, me, we give "NO" more power over us than it deserves. Do you allow your positive "NOS" to lead YOU to negative challenges? 

IT IS OK TO SAY A POSITIVE NO! This is your positive thinking journey and only YOU can successfully transform your positive purpose!

You are a positive thinker in charge of your positive thinking YESES! 

"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!" Easy does it...

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Choose wisely. Whether in your personal or business life who you build positive friendships and relationships with. Yes, they will probably cry, and/or get angry at you when you choose not to further the friendship/relationship.

Positive intuition is required, not emotions. Be kind too. Remember not to judge. Human beings will judge and tell you, who you are, what you are about, and worst of all lie about you.

Give them positive thoughts of unconditional love, peace and silence. Positively move on. You have so many wonderful people waiting to know your beautiful spirit!

Easy does it. Positive thinking is like the a.i.r. you breathe. Keep activating, igniting and re-charging your positive thinking power! ;-)
Blessings and positive intuition successes & more!

"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"
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Ya better tell em!!
From positive thinking brings life, faith and limitless blessings! In opposition to positive thinking, is e.g.o., doubt, confusion and worry.
What is e.g.o., but the sick, insanity of a fanatical mind, disrupting the peace of HIS blessings, for you! Do you trust and believe HE enhances the quality of your life?!
HE creates your positive thinking attitude. He enhances your will to be! He blesses you abundantly. e.g.o. is death to positive thinking and when positive thinkers don't listen to e.g.o., it will fade away.
Understand your positive thinking intention. Listen for the positive blessings that are perfect for you!
Repeat after me, "I am a positive thinker and understand how blessed I AM!"
Acronyms for e.g.o. (Exiting God/good Out)
Blessings and positive blessings successes & more!
"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"
You so g.e.t. this! (God/good Easily Triumphs)
"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"
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Be careful not to allow arrogance make you assume you must achieve the rewards that positive thinking brings. Be in the moment. Be in the flow of Spirit, allowing Spirit to guide you. Let it be what it is.
Your willingness to accept the REWARDS of positive thinking lies also in accepting YOU! Be perfect in your imperfections.

Humility does NOT want you to be happy with less than the best that you deserve. Do NOT think you are unworthy of GREATNESS that comes to YOU!

HE did not create a wonderful person like you to NOT be worthy of being with HIM.

If you believe you are unworthy may I ask, "Do you BELIEVE you are attracting a life against HIS will?" HE cannot enter where you are because you are obstructing HIS blessings given YOU.

Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"
Blessings and positive thinking successes!

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That kinda makes sense.
Be the farmer who plants the seed, have faith in you!
Encourage you, Empower You to empower You!
Be your best and most awesome cheerleader!

My positive goal is for billions and billions and billions of people, all over the world, to realize their mind is the only thing stopping you from ACHIEVING, SUCCEEDING, WINNING and RECEIVING your positive and most amazing blessings! Spirit is limitless.
You are the blessing from the "GREAT I AM."

For goodness sake encourage you. How can you be it, if you don't speak it? Repeat after me,
I am humble
I am a positive and wonderful friend.
I am a positive blessing to all.
I am positively using all my gifts to inspire and help others.
I am a great parent.
I am worthy of love.
When others want to redefine you, in the negative, then you must encourage yourself.
If you don't speak it, intend it, trust it, how will YOU manifest it?

Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!" Take one positive and empowering step at a time.

Be At Peace (B.A.P.)

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Defeat, challenges, mistakes, these are the building bricks for your indomitable successes, for your indomitable spirit, for your indomitable purpose that will continue to fuel your indomitable heart.

Do you know and trust the one positive emotion e.g.o. will never destroy? It is Unconditional love!

Positive thinking is your strength and it calls for unfaltering faith. Use NOT your faithlessness through negative thinkers against your positive thinking. Unfaltering Faith connecting to positive thinking it is your salvation. It is your peace. it is your strength!

Repeat after me, "I AM by HIS design, I AM positive strength!" Easy does it.

Blessings and positive emotional empowering successes!
"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"

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