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Yes Sir!!!!
Your purpose is STRONG! Your POSITIVE purpose is resting inside of you. You are a beautiful positive thinker because HE is a beautiful positive thinker! You are strong because HE is strong!

Positive wisdom cannot be outside of you any more than positive wisdom can be outside of HIM! Be STRONG! Be BEAUTIFUL! Be WISE!

Always take a deep breadth as you encourage yourself through positive thinking. Ask and trust HIM/Spirit/Universe to show you your positive thinking purpose.

Your positive thinking purpose is not separate from you, it is not outside of you. Your positive STRENGTH, BEAUTY and WISDOM are inside waiting for YOU to Activate, Ignite and Re-charge them! (A.I.R.)

Every day, as you become a more confident positive thinker, you will effortlessly understand how to...the sky's the limit remember. YOU DECIDE! 

Be Blessed! Be Awesome/Authentic! Be Positive!

You so g.e.t. this! (God/good Easily Triumphs) 
"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"

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I Try....
Smile Sunday!
Be a blessing to! 
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From positive thinking brings life, faith and limitless blessings! In opposition to positive thinking, is e.g.o., doubt, confusion and worry.

What is e.g.o., but the sick, insanity of a fanatical mind, disrupting the peace of HIS blessings, for you! Do you trust and believe HE enhances the quality of your life?!
HE creates your positive thinking attitude. He enhances your will to be! He blesses you abundantly. e.g.o. is death to positive thinking and when positive thinkers don't listen to e.g.o., it will fade away.

Understand your positive thinking intention. Listen for the positive blessings that are perfect for you!

Repeat after me, "I am a positive thinker and understand how blessed I AM!"

Acronyms for e.g.o. (Exiting God/good Out)
Blessings and positive blessings successes & more!
"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!"

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And when i do, the entire world will know!!

Kimberly W Mell (Kimmai)

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The Universe will gladly serve your goals, as your goals gladly serve the Universe. The power placed inside of you, through Spirit, to achieve your goals are beyond conception.  

Do you have any idea how great the strength Spirit places inside of YOU? YOU are in perfect safety, through positive thinking, as you successfully achieve your positive goals. 

Positive thinking calls for faith, for truth for peace and so much more.
Repeat after me, "I am confidently achieving my positive goals through Spirit!"  

Blessings and positive thinking successes & more!

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Five simple rules for happiness :

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live Simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

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