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I like Stuff.

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Play Services just updated over mobile Data connection, even though in the play store I have "do not auto updated apps" selected.
I'm a little bit concerned .^^

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How will the existing BYOD features align with COPE (Company owned, personal enabled)?

For example it is already possible to limit the main profiles available input methods from a managed profile. But it's not yet possible to prevent developer options, installation from unknown sources, enforcing a wallpaper, keeping a companion app installed, etc from a managed profile only (and that makes sense in a real OWN / privately owned device scenario - but maybe not in a COPE scenario). Corporate owned mode and managed profile mode can't be combined either unfortunately.

One solution might be to give additional permissions to the profileOwner-App over the main profile during profile setup or on demand.. and keep the user informed about it or involve him actively.

Will the "Whats new in Android security" and "Your Apps at Work" Sessions be available online on youtube, soon?

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Sharing on android never was more of a PITA, thanks to Direct Share.
For example I want to share to pocket.. -> now i have to scroll and find the icon whose location probably also changed since last time.

Can't believe google still has not implemented some proper logic that tracks from which app i share to which other app the most (for example i share tweets to pocket 99% of the time - Images/Media to Facebook/G+/Contacts; never to pocket).

Now Whatsapp released an update where i can't disable the Direct Share feature. Thus my share menu is always cluttered with my contacts in the only visible two top rows. DirectShare can't be disabled system wide either. (Request is here:

Whats the reasoning behind this +Romain Guy, +Reto Meier, +Chet Haase, +Dianne Hackborn. Should Pocket implement a direct share feature now to, to be on top again?

Thank god theres the customizable +Andmade Share that allows you to reorganize the order of your share target apps manually.

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San Luis to San Francisco

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Beaching 2

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Beaching 1

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Mount woodson trail & potato chip rock ✔

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Trip to Tijuana, Mexico
Original Caesars salad & margaritas
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