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I just competed in Supafly Open! I came 1st in my NISSAN SILVIA (S15)!

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Sorting Out a Little Confusion and Adding Mass Chaos
Hello all again, just wanted to clear up some confusion on the last blog that i posted last week. To respond to all of your questions, let me start with responding to each person. Maddie: The guy handed over the keg, but after he gave us the Foosball table,...

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Bigger or Better Pass
I have a very
exciting story to tell you guys this week. Well, we went on Unity Pass on
Saturday and played a game called Bigger or Better. We started off this game
with a paperclip and the point of the game is to work your way up to bigger or
better things...

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My rant on Dining Facilities at VT
This time around, I have been asked to write about something non corp related by a certain someone. I'm not gonna call this person out, but you know who you are. As we all know, the dining facilities at Virginia Tech are one of the best in the country, mayb...

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The Cadet Struggle is Real
The fact that the every
upperclassmen cadet expects us to be perfect in every way, shape, and form
really messes with my mind and it kills me on the inside. When we sound off
(give the greeting of the day with name and rank) inside the dorm area, we
aren't ...

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Freshmen Cadet Life vs Upperclassmen Cadet Life
Freshmen Cadet Life
vs Upperclassmen Cadet Life The freshmen lifestyle is more rigorous, more physically and
mentally challenging, and more academically demanding than any upperclassmen’s
life. As a freshmen cadet, we start off going through one of the wors...

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To Bomb or Not to Bomb
What would really happen if America started dropping bombs
on Syria? The military strikes shouldn’t occur for very specific reasons: Relationships
between potential enemy countries will wear thin, stress will be at an all-time
high again, and the economy wi...

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Red Phase coming to an end
As the Red Phase comes to a close with the Caldwell March,
I’ve come to understand and integrate myself with the Corp of Cadets over this...

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After ratlining (single file) back into Brodie Hall and getting yelled at while running up the stairs, we lined up on the 5 th deck and st...
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