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Paradise Found, Florida Keys, FL - #Photographyworkflow, #historythursday,

Dry Tortuga is truly a paradise with its blue green water and uniquely designed Fort Jefferson. Fort Jefferson, was constructed in the mid-19th century as an effort for the United States to protect the extremely lucrative shipping channel. The only way to get to Dry Tortugas is to either take a sea plane or via a boat (there is a daily ferry service from Key West).

How was this image created?

This is a photograph taken from a single engine plane. I chartered a plane for the sole purpose of taking an aerial photograph of this island.The requirements for the airplane were that it was an over wing aircraft and I would be able to open the windows while in flight. We flew to Dry Tortugas just as the sun was rising and I instructed the pilot to circle the island. We took photograph for about 40 minutes from various altitudes. Low angle of sun allowed to bring out textures in various part of the image. I also used a circular polarizer to but through the glare and bring out the rich colors.

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