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Escape Zone
Roller Skating Rink
Today 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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5370 S Cleveland Ave Fort Myers, FL 33907
5370 South Cleveland AvenueUSFloridaFort Myers33907
Roller Skating RinkToday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PMWednesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PMThursday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PMFriday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PMSaturday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PMSunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PMMonday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Amusement center for kids with roller skating, arcade games & other family-friendly activities.- Google
"Nice bounce houses & pretty ok crowd."
"Will take business to Palace roller rink."
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Tina Riipi's profile photo
Tina Riipi
12 months ago
Nice to know that they do not advertise worth a shit. Nice to know that they were closed by a hand written kindergarten note on the door. Great customer service and loyalty to your patrons. Super disappointed. Will take business to Palace roller rink....
Elisabeth zones's profile photo
Elisabeth zones
2 years ago
This is Escape Zone responding to Jason's and Vickie's "reviews" As to Jason: We do not employ child predators. He and his father were denied any further sale of beer because we were concerned that he was not taking appropriate measures to keep it away from children. At that point, he had spent about 4 hours at Escape Zone. He then threatened to punch somebody. Police was called and a trespassing notice was issued to keep him and his father away for all future. We do not tolerate violent behavior and/or the languages he used. He then made up the story of the "predator" all of a sudden to come up with an "excuse" with his inappropriate behavior in front of the police officer. And yes we will not end the employment of any of our employees just because a customer could obviously not life with us enforcing good alcohol sale practices. After all we are not a bar, but a children's place and their safety is our top priority. As to Vicky: We posted an answer long time before. We are very sorry for any injury that may occur to any child at any time at any place. We are not in the business of judging parents. I most say so that most parents do not call 911 for a simple bruise and then spent a sleepless night. To the contrary, luckily most of our customers, have that much common sense, specially if they are standing right next to their children, that they do not allow them to violate the posted safety rules, make sure their children do not jump out of a bounce house head first as opposed to feet first. There was nothing wrong with the bounce house and the foam carpet is there buffer any "misuse".
• • •
Tedarius Jackson
a year ago
This is one of the best places to skate and play I don't care what other people say my kids like this place thay have a lot of games for your kids to play. fort Myers thank you
Vicky Latorre's profile photo
Vicky Latorre
2 years ago
It needs to be inspected and closed down. My Son got hurt in a bouncing castle when coming out of it because it didn't have enough air. He was coming out head first like in a tunnel and put his hands in the end of the bouncing castle and as soon as he put his hands on it the thing it went flat down straigth to the floor and hit the head on the concrete. It didn't have any padding under neath to protect. I called the paramedics to make sure my son was okay. He was dizzy and got a big bump on his head. I was freaking. I had to keep an eye on him over night. It is not fare that a day that was suppose to be a pleasant day was not and it became a night without sleep all night. The place is dirty and everything is broken. The staff is rude and the prices are very high for a place that looks like a dumpster. Please professional people that inspect places, please go to this place and shut it down before something worse happens to someone else. You go to this places thinking it is safe but it is not. Please don t wait anymore. Close the place.
• • •
Jessie Smith's profile photo
Jessie Smith
a year ago
This was the most unclean, non-working equipment, unprofessional place I've ever been to. A lot of the games took our money, then when we won 270 tickets on a game and was only given 85 I told one of the staff members who instructed me to find "The really tall lady" who "might be in the back". When I located her I told her the situation and she asked me what game, after I told her she looked at the computer then started talking to another staff member about gaming cards they had to do something with, then simply walked away without saying a word to me. Several minutes later I found her at the game as she was rebooting it. The game then gave us more tickets. We went to two other games that took our money then decided to turn our tickets in and just cut our losses. When we got to the ticket counter the lady counted some tickets (after about five minutes of standing there before being acknowledged as two employees chatted back and forth) then did the math on a calculator and said " You have 250 tickets"... How is that possible when we won 270 on one game? Over all a pretty horrible experience and a very big waste of money. I understand things break and sometimes people can't help that but at least have a good attitude about it, don't be rude to people who are at your establishment to spend money. Oh, I almost forgot, while turning in our tickets two of the employees were talking pretty badly about the "very tall lady" right in front of us not trying to lower their voices at all. Over all review: We will never ever return to this place and will never recommend it.
• • •
Susan Gutowski's profile photo
Susan Gutowski
3 years ago
This place was so absolutely horrible that it was almost comical, if it weren't for the fact that I was actually concerned about the safety of the two year old I had with me. My husband first noticed that the 7 ft tall sliding board near the toddler area was only held onto a peice of plywood with two lag bolts. Looked as if it would fall of at any moment. This slide was part of some sort of pieced together castle scene, and there was a ledge that was about six feet off the ground that was not secured with any sort of railing- anyone could have just walked off it. It was also about 4 feet from the ceiling, and some genius there covered the sprinkler heads with solo cups and masking tape so no one would bump their heads. I did call the fire cheif about this as it's incredibly stupid and dangerous. As I ordered little Alex away from that area, we decided to order some lunch and discuss whether or not we'd stay. After we ordered and paid for our food, we were informed that it comes from the next store over and would "be a while". We figured we'd make use of that time with games and skooter skating. We were told it would be about a half hour; it was more like an hour. During the time we were waiting for the pizza, we tried to play the arcade games but Alex was continuously being knocked into by kids and adults zooming around the play area on skates, despite the HUGE SIGNS EVERYWHERE that say no skating outside the (concrete) rink. Whenever he tried to play a game, a certain kid would come over and try to push him away. The kids mother, when spoken to, said nothing and did nothing to contain her child. The pizza was lackluster, but while we were eating it somebody grabbed a paintball gun and started firing into the crowd!! The employee that I grabbed to contain the paint-gun fire told me that it was broken and only supposed to fire into the corner, not the whole play area. Reassuring. We should have left then, I know, but I didn't want to disappoint my little charge so I took him to the "toddler" area. There was some scary looking mechanical thing that they were fixing, so it was like a huge blender blade in a pit. They left it completely open and available for disemboweling of the youth while the employee took a break. When the employee came back, they drug the huge deflated portion of this death machine over to the end of the toddler slide and left it there. I think they were going to the office to make another cheapo printed sign for the new Slide of Asphyxiation. I then found the only adult there, a foul mouthed surly "manager" and demanded my money back. She was not too happy to comply, but did. However she shorted me twenty bucks. I went back for the rest, and she said she "forgot". So she knew, but didn't come after me. As I left there were employees outside smoking! right by the door and using disgusting language. This place was foul, dirty, disgusting, and has no right being in business.
• • •
Luke Middaugh
in the last week
Ali Johnston
5 years ago
My kids have been begging me to take them to this place. It was a complete waste of time. The games are soooo old and over half of them did not work. The slot cars where broken, the bounce area was not blown up, the roof above the bounce area was open and had fallen in, and the toddler area is full of broken very dirty toys. The mini golf also a waste, It is in a small corner and filled with scary halloween stuff. My three year old was so teriffed she would not even walk over by that area. I have to say I have no idea how they stay in bussiness, save your time got to King Richards or Chuck e cheese up the road.
• • •