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A Stir Fry for American Robins
Looking for something to point a camera at yesterday evening I opened up on some American Robins gathering food by the Cape Spear parking lot.  The robins are accustomed to people and cars coming and going throughout the day.  They were wary when you stoppe...

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One Leg in the Door of Summer - Shearwaters
The flight of shearwaters at Pt LaHaye on Saturday was not a pure sign of summer. They were storm driven and not capelin followers. But  knowing  they are out there is sure sign we are close to walking into summer. I experienced an enjoyable 2 hours of seaw...

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A Late Spring Alberta Diversion
Spring is a mean season for human beings in Newfoundland. The weather just refuses to warm up nearly as fast as we think it should. It is embarrassing to say that on 6 June as I write this the Norway maples in my St. John's backyard are ... are just startin...

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A Couple of Euro Whims
Newfoundland has been on the eastern end of some transatlantic winds for the last five days or so. The winds are not strong but direct. We were expecting a few transatlantic waifs and it happened. Typical Icelandic species and just a light smattering of bir...

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The Season called Spring in Newfoundland
Spring weather is probably better on Mars than it is in Newfoundland. As I type this on 20 April it is currently snowing and there is a Freezing Rain Warning posted for tonight in St. Johns and the northern Avalon Peninsula. There is a strip of pack ice  ac...

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It was 3:30 p.m. on the Thursday before the three day Easter
holiday when my cell phone rang.   It was
Alvan Buckley. He said “I just forwarded you a photo of a loon that Peter
Shelton saw at Trepassey”. Sitting in front of my office computer I saw the

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Shooting Loons in a Barrel
There were many interesting byproducts of the 9 days of gale to storm force north and northeast winds that hit eastern Newfoundland from 27 March to 4 April 2017.  Most significant was the pack ice that traveled south at break neck speed to come into land a...

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Raggedy Jackets and Beaters - No Ice Partridge
With much anticipation I slept on & off through the night getting up hours before daylight to reach Cape Spear a birding destination only a 15 minute drive from home. A week of powerful northerly winds capped off with 36 hours of far reaching and intense NE...

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The St. Vincents Beach Pacific Loon - again.
For the fourth consecutive winter a PACIFIC LOON has overwintered with the Common Loons off the two km long beach that runs from St.Vincents to Peters River on the southern Avalon Peninsula. This bird has given Avalon Peninsula birders the rare opportunity ...

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A Slaty-backed Gull Comes To Town.
On Friday 17 March 2017 on the way to work I stopped at Quidi Vidi Lake as I usually do. With only 30 minutes to spare and being such a nice morning I decided to walk out to the bench to sit down and listen to the singing Song Sparrow.  This worked out. The...
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