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Michelle Colon-Johnson
Working with authors and publishers to get more publicity for their book brands and products.
Working with authors and publishers to get more publicity for their book brands and products.

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“To be successful in sales you must build relationships, listen to your prospects, and do your homework,” says Michelle Colon-Johnson, founder of +2 Dream Productions.

“You can know every sales technique known in the industry but if people don’t feel the connection they are not going to buy from you,” Colon-Johnson explains. “As author Bob Burg says, ’People do business with who they know, like and trust.’”

#Publicity #Relationships #SalesTips

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Looking for a mentor? Here are Tips and advice from 10 Industry Experts! #Mentor   #lifehacks  

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Looking to get more #Publicity? Here are 7 ways to help you!

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A few weeks ago I had an editor reach out to me and ask if I would share a part of my journey in relation to Love. While some of you may be thinking of the love that the world will be celebrating on Sunday for Valentine's Day ...this love goes a little deeper into our mindsets. The article was released a few days ago on +Huffington Post. It is called "7 Profound Ways Love Can Make You Healthier". I am listed as number 5 in the article.

I hope you enjoy! I am very honored to be a part on this article!

Have a Magical Day Full of Love,

-Michelle Colon-Johnson

#Love #Health #Healing

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Author +Camilla Downs shares her article "How Purging the Garage Led to Writing A Book" on our 2 Dream Productions Blog.

Camilla is the author of the book D IZ For Different, a single Mom of two, and a Mindfulness Coach.

We invite you to learn more about Camilla and her journey...

Being a Mother is a job in itself, but when you add in being a single mother, raising a child with a disability, a coach, and writing --- you know there is a story that you can't wait to read!

Curious on how one can juggle this type of life? Camilla welcomes your questions and looks forward to connecting with you!

#SingleMom #Disability #BookAuthor 

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For those single parents out there, those going through divorce, and those with a child with a disability, in my latest article on +The Good Men Project I share a little more of my private life and journey. I hope you enjoy reading this and maybe you know someone  else who might need to hear this message about #divorce#parenthood and #growth.If you do, I hope you share it! 

Have a Magical Weekend! 

-Michelle Colon-Johnson

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Are you thinking of stepping outside the 9-5 role in business and becoming a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner? Not sure which role is the best for you and your life style? Check out my latest article on +Addicted2Success and decide!  #Entrepreneur #Freelancer #Publicity  

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Last week I shared an article I wrote on The Huffington Post about adoption. It was An Adoption Story: Planting The Seeds Of Hope. The article was a two part series.

Last night I shared the second part and have had an out pour of support. It was picked up and shared by many Adoption organization including The Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation. What an honor to be a part of sharing someone's story.

Below is part 2! I hope you enjoy!

#Adoption #Family #FosterCare

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Every year thousands of children are placed in the foster-care system due to neglect and abuse. Some spend their life in foster- care and never know what it is like to have a family of their own. 

My most recent article published in +The Huffington Post is about 3 siblings who were adopted out of foster care. It is a 2 part series and part 2 will be released this Saturday. I hope you enjoy this beautiful story of Planting The Seeds Of Hope. 

-Michelle Colon-Johnson

#Adoption   #Children  
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