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LogMyCalls is intelligent call tracking and marketing automation.
LogMyCalls is intelligent call tracking and marketing automation.

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Why Call Tracking is Made For PPC 

The marriage between call tracking and PPC agencies is a beautiful thing. However, not all PPC marketers have tapped into the perks of this relationship. #adwords   #calltracking   

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Inbound Phone Call Conversions 

If you aren’t taking advantage of inbound phone calls you can be sure that someone else is. #calltracking   #salesperformance  

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Top Free Visual Tools 

Check out this list of free visual tools and resources to dress up your #contentmarketing . 

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Why Phone Calls are Better Leads 

Our data shows that companies are missing out on 15% to 25% of their possible revenue when they don't put a phone number on their landing page.   #calltracking   #leadgeneration  

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Mobile Search Marketing

In order to adequately prepare for mobile search #marketing you need to know why it is so effective, how #mobile #SEO differs from its desktop counterpart and user-friendly mobile site design elements. 

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Sales Performance Management Application 

If you're not using Conversation Analytics to measure and improve phone sales performance then you are missing out. #salesperformance

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Finding the Right Call Vendor 

In 2014, there were 40 billion calls made from mobile search ads. By 2016, BIA/Kelsey estimates the number of inbound phone calls from call extensions in search to reach 70 billion. #calltracking   #marketingautomation  

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The End Goal of Mobile Marketing 

What is the ultimate mobile marketing achievement? #mktg   #paypercall  

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LogMyCalls and Acquisio Platform Integration

Using LogMyCalls' Conversation Analytics capabilities, Acquisio will provide call tracking data like lead score, and missed opportunity tracking, within its best-in-class bid management solution. #calltracking   #bidmanagement   #marketing  

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Cats vs. Online Marketers 

The day that you wake up and realize it’s unlikely you will ever be more successful than a 4½-pound cat is pretty sad. #grumpycat   #marketing  
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