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I'm glad it's out for iOS and Android, but $6.99 and $6.49 seems a little high.

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Session 14 (Minotaur player absent)

Feeling the pressure of time running out, remember they are supposed to be escorting the Healers to Knights Fort, they did a quick search around and determined the only way forward was to try the doors near the dracolich. So they reluctantly went back and tried the north double doors. As soonas they tried the chains on the dragon fell away and it attacked.

The fight didn't last all that long, again the issue of one big monster without support. However the party did start worrying about running out of POW and again tried to take a rest to recover, so I again reminded them of the time pressure - which strangely kept working.

So they go through the double doors and confront the ultimate boss, the Thanatar Mummy Priest. Immediately the Mummy summoned his fiery flying heads, 12 burning skulls that not only could fly, but can also shoot balls of fire. SO I started with a volley of fire attacks and got a few good hits, the players started to worry. Oh, and they wailed, inflicting a Demoralisation effect which half the party failed.

It was quite a good fight, and went on for a good 3 hours, the first long fight we have had. The big troll tried to press through to the Mummy, but got impaled by a fire bolt and was incaped. One character was throwing Fanatacisms on the demoralised players. One character burned all their POW casting Prot4 on key people. Several Heal potions were consumed, after nasty hits were inflicted. And they still had not got to the Mummy.

In the meantime the Mummy had vanished (Concealment), but could still be detected by the trolls, and had cast Shield2 on himself, giving him around 15pts of armour. Throwing rune spells cost him flying heads (1:1pt), so he activated his reserves, the dungeon filling with the sound of another wave of heads coming from the distance... the players started to really really worry.

The biggest troll finally managed to get to the mummy and inflicted some damage, forcing the Mummy to try to get away from him... but the other troll moved in from the other side and they trapped him... at this point I recalled that damage to the mummy was going to be transferred to the Heads, so an early mummy demise turned into a big bunch of heads blowing up (around 6 of them), but the mummy stood back up.

The trolls used Darkness spells to try to blind the heads, which worked, and the mummy, which didnt. The only problem with the Darkness was it also blinded the rest of the humans.

In the meantime the party human tank, who had been close to dead, finally got himself healed and back into action, helped with a Prot4. At the same time the next wave of heads arrived, lining up ina big wall looking right at him. He had a choice of standing or running, and it wasnt an easy choice. In the end he decided on a tactic that was amazingly effective. He placed his large shield in a static role, protecting LeftArm, Chest, Abdomen and Head, and simply ran back and forth in front of all the heads, drawing their fire, and dodging to reduce the missile attack % as much as possible. So most of the missiles missed, and those that hit had to get through 16+4+4=20pts of armour most of the time.

In the meantime the Babeester Gor maiden had fanatacised all the demoralised people, drew her poleaxe out, activated flameblade and a light spell (to cancel the darkness) cast fanatacism on herself and charged in. Four people were now pounding on the mummy, with the damage transferring to the Heads... heads were literally popping.

Finally the Mummy ran out of heads and was defeated. It was a really enjoyable fight, with players being down and out several times. It took a genuine group effort.

We ran out of time at this point, and as one of the players wanted to run a session I wrapped things up. They recovered the last Stone and took it back to the Priest at the Hand. He placed the stones back in the Hand and it repaired and came to life. The priest turned into a chaos being, the Hand grew claws and together they sank into the earth to the sound of hysterical laughter and a dire warning about meeting again. The valley faded and they were back to the normal world. They completed the mission to Knight Fort.

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Session 13

Well I had inlaws staying at my place so we had to move the game to one of the players house, which is not good for a Roll20 based game where he doesn't even know his wifi password. To top it all off the left the primary source notebook for the dungeon at home... sigh.

Anyway they continued on into the dungeon, finding some secret doors and avoiding one room that was dangerous. They then found the undead dream dragon, but cleverly avoided it for the moment.

They then moved on to the Giant Worm cavern, tempted by the droppings of pure rune metals the worm has left behind. But again I forgot my own advise with regard to these encounters, I forgot to provide screening monsters for the one worm, so the players simply ganged up and dispatched it quickly. I had one chance to swallow someone but missed. I should have had a bunch of smaller worms and earth rumblings to warn of the big one coming, then unleashed that. Live and learn.

They then found another secret door and moved into an area with elemental Shadows, who did fear attacks on them. It worried them for a time, but again they were able to beat them up because elementals are open to physical damage, and this group does a lot of physical damage.

Fortunately things ended at this point, I had been playing slowly due to lack of notes. They made a little progress but the change in venue was quite disrupting.
Back to normal next session.

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Map of the Valley they are in.

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Session 12

So the party has gather 4 of the gems the old man wanted them to recover to restore the Hand. The last one was stolen by a Thanatar preist some 200 years ago. The old man doesn't know where he is, but he does know there is a temple someplace. The players (rightly) believe the temple will be in or under the old abandoned mine.
(Hand image by

They head on down and start with an encounter with Cliff Toads, one of the players quickly ending up half way down a throat with his legs waving in the air. The party saves him, moves on, and is attacked by a bigger group of toads. A large toad manages to swallow the minotaur, but he uses his horns from the inside, and the rest kill from the outside, saving him.

They discover a rough made dam, with a lot of water behind it (underground). Ahead are some dragonsnails, who seem to be in the path of the water if it is released. Being vandals by nature they break the dam and the water rushes down, sweeping away the dragonsnails (well actually sweeping them further down, and annoying a really large spider, who then moves further down also... kharma sucks).

The encounter a group of ghouls, who are hiding behind a palisade wall, electing the by pass them. They find a large ancient bear trap, a sealed stone door, and some another bear trap. Next comes a nasty encounter with 2 manticores, during which one of the manticores inflicts an impaling sting with pot15 poison. It looks really bad, the impale is likely to kill him, and so might the poison. They dig up a narrative card (cards I give them that are sort of like luck) and reduce the effect, and passes the poison save, so only taking half damage. It was a tense moment. They finished off the 2 manitcores, and rest. They find some nice loot though, a lead shield and a lead mace. Makes the trolls happy.

They bust through some large stones doors and oncover a bunch of undead skeletons, but these ones have no head... oh yes they do, but it is shoved inside their chest/ribcage. They take out about a dozen of these, and that is where we ended things.

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