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On this special holiday edition of the Global Research News Hour, we salute the 44th annual Earth Day with a speech given in Winnipeg recently by outspoken anti-globalization author, environmental ...
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    Please Join We The People Maine Corporations are not people Money is not speech  Saturday April 19, Noon to 2:00 pm   For a petitioner carrier and volunteer workshop.   Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church...
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Michael Hopkins

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On this special holiday edition of the Global Research News Hour, we salute the 44th annual Earth Day with a speech given in Winnipeg recently by outspoken anti-globalization author, environmental ...
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Michael Hopkins

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Translation:  Happy Easter Dear Friends   Happy Easter to all who visit my blog. Glad Påsk till alla. Lovely weekend to all who are not of this tradition. Best wishes, Mike
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The same good wishes to you and your dear daughter.  :)
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For those interested.  Starts the week after Easter.
Get the truth about GMOs and dangerous chemicals — and how carbs, gluten, fat, and sugar affect your weight, energy, sleep and the planet. Join for FREE and from anywhere on Earth! Starts April 26 To sign up for this fre...
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