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I'm heading back to Twitter, any G+ only people can find me at or
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Tragic! I am no longer on either of those social networks. Enjoy the time back to the old favorites.
Of course, if you have stopped using G+, I guess I should never expect a reply :)
I'm still checking it some, but not posting here. The app sucks, the website hogs my resources, and fewer and fewer people are on it every day. Google has really dropped the ball here.
There's definitely something janky about the site; it's probably the heaviest javascript UI I've ever seen, and it uses an obscene amount of RAM on my system. I'm almost convinced that they make it so crappy that it outright destroys most browsers, so people are forced to use Chrome if they want it to work at all.

I like the Android app. Dunno.

My biggest complaint is not technical, it's just that I wish more people used it. You're not helping :)
That's interesting. I've never had a problem with it in Firefox.
I use Chrome, it just eats memory. The iOS app bites. Every social network has their benefits but ultimately I just go where the people are. Google hasn't gotten butts in seats. Oh well.
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