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Can A Pencil Transform Society? Join Pencils of Promise in NY: for Justin Bieber and Luminaries

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Even Google Hates Google+ / Google Engineer Apologizes for "Great-Granddaddy of Reply-All Screwups"
World, it will be a great product or it will morph into something else. Every great business changes its model many times before it dies or thrives. Someday! I tire of people grading technology chess moves and social evolution as "intended to be transformation". Demos are worthless. Think what things become, not what they are. Bells and whistles do not define new markets. Remember innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Hear Ye. Now have a great Sunday.

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TEDMED Who is attending? See you there?

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One of the most under rated technology companies in the world.


FACEBOOK CONNECT=DANGER. Yesterday Facebook shut down my profile for 24 hours with no resolution path. It indicated there was a security breach. I was doing a lot of clean up on devices, caches and computers. No customer support. No reason, Just Shuttered. Hmm. Note to self and others. Due to my extensive use of Facebook Connect, I cant login ANYWHERE.

Are Hangouts a Ghost Town?

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Amazon Will Prevail In The Race To Acquire Hulu

Jumping Though Hoops With Hulu; Will Hollywood Kill Their Offspring Again?
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