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Luke MacNeil
Musician, Linux Geek.
Musician, Linux Geek.

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Imma go check out the Haywagon Open mic in Uxbridge tonight. Anyone up for it?

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This Thursday... At the Rose Room Review - 7:30pm at the Rose Garden in Upton.

There are 3 confirmed "My mom stole some guy's shirt" songs ready to be unleashed - for better or for worse. There are potentially several more, and there's still enough time to get in on the action.

I don't think anyone wants to miss this.

+Jeff Brown +Jillian Brown +Robert Mattson +Ray Parenteau +Matthew Nichols +Larry Tonks +Mary Tonks +Alida Santandrea +Francine Maggiore +Frank Sugrue +Ronda Matson +Ronda Matson +Matthew Madden +Nelson Hiller +Jennifer Crawford +Scott Magill  

So I really like Lars Von Trier movies.

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+Ben Sumner  Hypocrite.
ITT we post people who have left #AndroidChat and whom we miss.

Come back people!
+Kray Zee +erron reed +Frank Claycomb Webst3r +Tricia Henson +Nicholas Sanford +Mike Madsen 

Feel free to respond to this with more names.

And for anyone who wants to join us (if there is ever an "us" again :(   )  we are on   #androidchat

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A bunch of free berkley courses. I took the songwriting one. It was worth it.

You know what I learned about today.....
The free ice cream.

If ever there was a reason to fly 3000 miles... it's the free ice cream.

New Damien Rice and Ryan Adams this quarter. Awesome!
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