Optimize your app for tablet

This is another bad example of blown-up app on the tablet - the just released Bank of America app. Do we really need this huge amount of space for the navigation drawer (~90%)? With such a huge amount of screen estate available, it's always possible to use the Multi-pane layout for optimized tablet experience.


And those iOS 6 like UI elements? If you cares about Android users and want to give them the best Android experience, design it with pure Android experience will do the job.


Design like this doesn't just take away the core experience of the app, but it's another missed opportunity of a quality Android app for tablet. If you want to know if your app fulfilled the tablet app quality for optimized experience, there is a nicely written guideline for you.  


Oh, and the alignment of the icons and text in the navigation drawer? Perhaps it's time to look at this again - Mind the gap.


And no - cross platform consistency is not required and should not be the excuse for lazy development. 


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