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Lora Wiley
Emmy Nominated Television Producer, Scuba Diving Fanatic, World Traveler, Home Baker
Emmy Nominated Television Producer, Scuba Diving Fanatic, World Traveler, Home Baker


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Red Beet Almond Schnitzel
Schnitzeling should be a verb. I like to schnitzel everything. Celery root, cauliflower, eggs . I also like to switch up the coating ingredients, using everything from cornflakes  to pretzels and potato chips . I've even made a schnitzel casserole once.  Si...

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Mandarin Orange Basil Sorbet
I admit I struggled a bit with this recipe. The most of which was I made the base before I realized both sets of the ice cream making attachments for my kitchen aid mixer were back in the city and I was in the country. #firstworldproblems I almost gave up a...

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Garlic Chicken Wrapped in Potato Jackets
Tender, juicy, garlic studded and seasoned chicken breasts are wrapped in potato spirals then pan fried to crispy perfection.  You can get creative with this dish. Stuff some spinach, kale,  herbs or cheese between the chicken and potato parts.  I garnished...

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Golden Focaccia - King Arthur Flour's August Bakealong Recipe
I was excited when I saw this month's  recipe from King Arthur flour's Bakealong challenge . I have never made focaccia bread. It has been on my list to try for a long time. Focaccia is on my top 10 list of favorite breads.  I was also excited to see I alre...

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Stracciatella Blackberry Torte
Somehow I always forget about blackberries until I see them in the market. Once I spot them, I am itching to create something with them. blackberries. The forgotten inspiring berry. I resisted buying them because I didn't have a solid idea on how to use the...

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German Potato Pancakes with Radish Leaf Pesto
Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer  are a common street food in Germany, often found at festivals and Christmas Markets. These German potato pancakes or fritters are a favorite of my husband. We often indulge in one in the rare occasion we are visiting a Christ...

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Piña Colada Knödel
This summer it's all about switching sides. In the recipe department, I mean. Sweet to savory and savory to sweet.  Pfannkuchen went from sweet Rhubarb to savory one-pan steak salad versions. Knödel went from Lemon Roast Chicken over a Bed of Knödel to this...

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Sheet Pan Steak Gouda Pfannkuchen with Creamy Chive Sauce
Like the American version, German pancakes or Pfannkuchen can also be sweet or savory.   I had fun creating these sweet  Rhubarb Basil Pfannkuchen . It was time to test drive a savory variety.  And  why make a bunch of boring old round pancakes when you can...

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Fresh Herb Yogurt Bread
Somehow I have made it to the end of July and not harvested and used a fraction of the bounty from my herb gardens.  When I saw this recipe in an old German cooking magazine I was reminded of that fact. Also I was reminded how much Germans love and use yogu...

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Chocolate Espresso Tart in a Thyme Crust
Forget pairing coffee and dessert. You can now skip the beverage and go straight to this tart. The espresso is built right in. Just in time for the weekend, a chocolatey, espresso creamy filling wrapped in a thyme spiked dough.  I saw a version of this in a...
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