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Old school is cool... but not for SEO ;)
#SEO #Upgrade
Don't Get Stuck in the On-Page SEO of 2012; Time to Upgrade!

My latest post for Moz is on how to upgrade your on-page SEO tactics to match how modern day Google works.

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Roundup Style Posts Need to Go!

There's gotta be a better alternative to all the "expert roundup" posts that are littering the web w/ crummy content and filling the inboxes of people who could contribute much more worthwhile stuff... This week's WB Friday explores some better options:

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veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrryyyyyy useful
#ContentMarketing +Rand Fishkin +Moz

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Worth reading
3 New Features Added to KW Explorer Today

Check 'em out here ->

#1) The ability to check rankings on a list
#2) The ability to select KWs (or an entire list) and pass it to a campaign for rank tracking
#3) Better, more accurate, higher coverage volume data (that our tests show is an upgrade from what Google AdWords has)

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Depression, schizophrenia, suicidal feelings—too often, these experiences stay private. These speakers who’ve struggled with mental illness boldly share their stories, in hopes that others don’t feel so alone.

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ohhh pleeeaaassseeeeee!!! pleeeaasseeeeee

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