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Chrissy Crue
Works at Verizon Communications
Lived in Tampa


Chrissy Crue

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love Legos!!
Emil Johansson originally shared:
I thought I'd give +Lars Pixel Clausen's #ToyTuesday a try.

Lego is something I have always loved. It allowed me to develop my first interest in engineering and problem solving. I find the fact that todays children play less and less with Lego a little depressing.
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Chrissy Crue

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Space & Science circle that I really like!!

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Chrissy Crue

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Alex Koloskov originally shared:
Pretty cool feature of sharing circles, love it!
I have "Photographers" circle, there are more that 2000 people there... creative and talented pro and amateur photographers.

But my favorite circle the one named "10", and this is what I've just shared.
I've created this circle with intention to have 10 best photographers (I judge by looking at portfolio, not at number of followers) in it.
Those who will always inspire me and I can share their posts: whatever I re-share from their stream will be interesting for my stream readers.

Apparently, 10 was not enough, and now I have 21 people here, and it is growing.. Feel free suggest me those who you like and share :-)

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Chrissy Crue

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Elena Kalis originally shared:
Life In Color
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Chrissy Crue

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Randy Halverson originally shared:
Caught this Meteor with a Persistant train last night. You can see the start of it on the left side of the flash. See the 2nd image and more info on my site
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  • Verizon Communications
    1993 - present
Mom of 3, and so I am: chef, housekeeper, boo-boo kisser, photographer, taxi, counselor, teacher, nurse, night watch... oh, and I work full time as a Specialist at Verizon. :0)
Live, Love,Laugh 
my nature, my children, my life 
just being outside,
just to be,
to be just me. 
the sun in general 
Live Simply, Love Much, Laugh Often
I Love all the above, I love to be outside, I love Nature and following where ever my path leads me. I am inspired by writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Goethe. 
I have always been a fan of Monet, and find my children following in my love for nature whether it be in front of us, in art form, on the stage or in photograhy. 
I would travel the world over and over if I could. I have been to California twice, visited from Napa Wine Country into San Francisco & then down the coastal route through Big Sur (absolutlely gorgeous) I have been down as far as Pismo Beach  (very cool place with amazing sand dunes!!)   
I have been to Phoenix & the Tucson area twice, on one of the visits, my family and I ventured down to Mexico for a day trip.
As a child my parents took us to Canada & trips down the East Coast to Florida. Having family in Forida, I try to visit there as much as possible. I can not count how many trips total there, as it is that many. I have driven through almost all of Florida, but have yet to go back to Key West since I was a child. I have very fond memories of visiting Ernest Hemingways house & sitting at the bar at Sloppy Joes...(back when kids were allowed at the bar and cigarettes were sold out of coin slot machines) 
I honeymooned in Aruba & have that as a place to most definitely go to again. The island is small enough, yet the surroundings are like a piece of heaven on earth. 
I have NEVER been on a cruise and have no desire to do so. I have no problem flying, driving, visiting everywhere... but I hate the idea of being on a ship in the ocean, that is just too out of my comfort zone for me.
oh, and I have a new found love for the sky... I have always loved and appreciated sunsets, etc... but have been drawn to just every slight change in the skies above lately. No real idea why, but I noticed the beauty of it one day, and have not looked down since. :0)~ and  that is me in a nut shell.   
Bragging rights
proud momma of 3 beautiful children who fill my life more than I ever expected, and I love every moment of it! ~wait, one is a pre-teen, not liking all those moments...
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