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The Philippines' First Electronic Music Netlabel
The Philippines' First Electronic Music Netlabel

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The Machtdose podcast features a track from our very own Evo Evolver "Illumina" as its closing track:
Download it (or stream it) and enjoy the ear candy!

Excerpt: As usual the typical Machtdose-eclectic selection. Starts with: A choir, some SingerSongwriters, goes to piano& beats, then we have so-called future garage, followed by hiphop and at the end dubstep. Hope you like it. Don’t hesitate to comment…

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Our very own Silverfilter posted a 48-minute livePA jackin/tech house set on Youtube. Recorded live at Cafe Republiq in Manila, Philippines on April 4, 2012.

Enjoy the groovy house beats!

silverfilter live PA at Cafe Republiq April 4, 2012 - House Set
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We have a mixtape up on 8Tracks for your enjoyment this weekend: 8 tunes of IDM, electronica and drum&bass goodness from 2004 till 2012. Enjoy!
Latest mixtape of IDM and drum&bass free music from #netlabel QED Records -- designed to jolt your brain into a hyperactive state. Hopefully. Enjoy!

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Here's a sample drum&bass track by Evo Evolver.
If you like it, download his latest 5-song EP on the QED Records #netlabel . Dystopian Dream:

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Latest release on QED Records features fresh drum&bass from Manila!
If you like drum&bass, you'll love Evo Evolver's latest EP on QED Records: Dystopian Dream
On his third release on QED Records, Evo Evolver (aka Araknidus aka Philippine dnb musician +Myke Madriaga ) dishes out melodic two-step and drum&bass replete with expansive atmospheres and cinematic elements.

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Latest release: [qd-4270] Charmant Juliette - Musique Pour L’ame

Musique Pour L’ame (Music for the Soul) is ten tracks and 45+ minutes of melodic and harmonious downtempo #electronica by Russian musician Charmant Juliette (aka Julia van der Piller).

This is Charmant Juliette’s vision of electronic #downtempo, #ambient, and #brokenbeat : it is nothing but a subtle snare for your heart that draws you in with tender melody and traps you in jaws of sinister ambience.

And we're glad she chose to share her music with our little #netlabel QED Records!

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Latest release on QED Records:
shapes and concepts EP by not int he mood for dancing

Cool and collected, this mature second QED Records release from not in the mood for dancing plays with subtle grooves that ebb and flow, coming up with four tracks that could be used as background music for documentaries or cyborg striptease numbers. Before it ends though, you are reminded that dance music instruments don't always produce dance music; rather the shapes he builds depend on the concepts behind the construction.

Happy downloading!
#netlabel #electro #electronicmusic #free #mp3 #Philippines

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"Latest QED Release: Witch House by Kulam+++Barang*

[qd-4268] Kulam+++Barang – Albularyo Prime

Kulam+++Barang is a one-man witch house producer who finds inspiration in slowed down vocal samples, hip hop beats, and stories of Philippine faith healers who heal the sick and the gullible, profiting from their naivete. Albularyo Prime is a collection of his early tracks, a primer if you will, of the Kulam+++Barang rebellion against all that is crass and all that is mainstream. This is his faith healing of the Philippine music industry, a homily wrapped up in an audio barb.

DOWNLOAD via Mediafire:

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A sample track from our latest QED Records release: this one is Paosin the Well's "Moment of Reprisal"

Paosin the Well - Moment of Reprisal [qd-4267]

Sadly YouTube compressed the audio beyond repair. Download the free mp3s for a better version of the track.
#downtempo #electronica #soundtrack

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[qd-4267] Paosin the Well – Dead Memoirs

String sections, the main ingredient for every Hollowood movie soundtrack, are up front and in focus on this EP by Manila-based producer Paosin the Well. His effective use of string libraries and samples coupled with steady beats result in a brooding but groovy downtempo EP that is equal parts action flick, spy movie and zombie apocalypse film rolled into one.

FILE UNDER: #downtempo #postrock #soundtrack #electronic #orchestral #netlabel #music #download
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