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Craving salt? Just imagine scraping the walls of this cathedral in Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine. #StreetView

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If it moves put a camera on it
They had to build rockets, and the mechanism to launch them, space suits, train the astronauts, and then comes this guy - Hey I want to strap a camera on the top to shoot the rocket. This isn't, for sure, the first big event where cameras were custom made f...

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I have an issue with lightroom, come and have a look if know the answer.

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F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2}
Fibonacci Spiral, the mathematical pattern that works at the biological level. Have you ever looked at a picture (or an art piece) in which right away you think " it works "? I think you have and most of the times you don't know the reason, but let me tell ...
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