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Reviews and more for the UK competition

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Eurovision: counting on friends and neighbours
For a moment, the United Kingdom passed Sweden in the betting odds and became predicted to come 5th. As I write they're back in 6th place but there's little to choose between the two. The point is that UK are seriously becoming a contender while Sweden are ...

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2nd Semi Final: Four good and fourteen really quite bad acts
This was not a great night for those of us who try to defend Eurovision and say that it does find some great tracks! Here are the 18 acts, as they appeared, with my comments at the time and updated now I know the results. Serbia Tijana is a bit frightening ...

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1st Semi Final: a chance for Portugal and Armenia close the gap on Francesco.
This is certainly a different year in terms of how people are viewing most countries' chances of winning Eurovision 2017! This evening Semi Final 1 takes place and we'll get the first real idea of how 17 of the 40+ acts will come across and just where they ...

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Rehearsal Ups and Downs in Kiev
It has been entertaining to watch clips of some of the rehearsals for the Semi Finals and also see the impact that they've had on the betting odds. I haven't seen everyone and none of the automatic qualifiers but there's been enough amongst the others to ke...

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Back Belarus and (maybe) Buy a Bentley in May
I referred to 'rehearsals' in my last post. Actually I think these must just have been some performances that some of the acts have been giving at home or abroad or, maybe, at some parties that have been going on in Kiev. Suffice it to say, though, that wha...

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Ups and downs at Eurovision rehearsals
It must be rehearsals time in Kiev. People are getting to hear and see what various performers are actually like as opposed to how they've been presented in the videos we've been given. Now, some people, in my opinion, seem to be better just being themselve...

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Now if Lea Michele were in Eurovision... she'd win.
Always brilliant live.

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Eurovision: still waiting for Armenia but here's the Top 10 anyway.
There are still over 50 days to go but already some clear groups of contenders for this year's Eurovision victory are forming. I was waiting for Armenia to release their song but, other than a singer and a title, there's nothing to help yet so I'll carry on...

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Eurovision: Portugal return and could be Runner-Up
This is not your average Eurovision entry. Indeed, watching Salvador Sobral you'll see how this is a little strange but it has a certain charm that absolutely no other entries have. If voters have any heart at all then this will make the Final and I'd love ...

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Eurovision: Ireland finally get a good song again
Ireland have to thank Louis Walsh for this, as well as the superb singing by Homeland's Brendan Murray. Sounds like a Top 10 entry this year and this is likely to beat most of the usual suspects like our own entry from Lucie as well as Denmark, Belgium and ...
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