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Tony Lloyd
File Tranfer/MFT Expert, Axway Guru, Downright Awesome guy
File Tranfer/MFT Expert, Axway Guru, Downright Awesome guy

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Nice work :) Those universal agents sure are handy. I worked with XFB regularly for about 8 years, and now I'm working with GXS's BizManager/BizLink products, and I wish there was something as handy as Sentinel with Universal Agent. Good luck!

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Built a new website - - Check it out!!!

Geeze, who know unsubscribing from unwanted e-mail would take so many hours? Tempted sometimes to just start over with a new e-mail account!

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Excited for the 2 great Coursera classes I'm talking, and the people I'm meeting through the class! If we haven't connected on LinkedIn already, find me!

Really digging my Computational Investing class! Not only am I learning a ton about the stock market and investing in general, I get to do my first programming with Python. It's a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it.

Come on TSA, I totally get you have a job to do, but scanning my iPad for explosives? That thing cost way too much and is way too cool to blow up. Crappy shoes I get, but ipad?

I think I need to set up calendar reminders for using Google+ and Twittter. I'm not fully recovered yet from going from Myspace and Facebook to just Facebook in 2009... 

Personal Jesus as song by Johnny Cash - #SuckitDepecheMode  
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