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A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.
A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.
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Moxie Marlinspike :: Blog

The Cryptographic Doom Principle. December 13, 2011. Edit; Delete; Tags; Autopost. When it comes to designing secure protocols, I have a pri

RFC 1925 - The Twelve Networking Truths

[Docs] [txt|pdf] [Errata] INFORMATIONAL Errata Exist Network Working Group R. Callon, Editor Request for Comments: 1925 IOOF Category: Infor

How I Develop Things and Why

I've always considered myself a bit of a software junkie. Nothing excites me more than a great piece of new software. Some of my best ch

Damien Katz: Why Couchbase?

Why Couchbase? So apparently my last entry ruffled some feathers, so maybe I should explain why I think Couchbase is the future? Simple Fast

Jay Fields' Thoughts: Life After Pair Programming

note: it's so easy to judge people who don't pair-program, isn't it? You can write-off their behavior for so many reasons: They

JamesM's kernel development tutorials

Roll your own toy UNIX-clone OS. This set of tutorials aims to take you through programming a simple UNIX-clone operating system for the x86

The PyCon blog

Well, this is bittersweet. Only 9 days ago - January 25th - we closed PyCon Early Bird registration. By the time we closed early bird, we ha

Your Ideal Performance: Consistency Tradeoff | DataStax

The term eventual consistency often seems to bother newcomers to distributed data storage systems. Hopefully this post will be able to put a

Amazon New Kindle 4 Skin Cover Doctor Who Tardis by skunkwraps

Turn your Kindle into a work of art! Each skin is made from premium quality vinyl and is precision cut for a perfect fit. Our skins are easi

Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent - Forbes

Big companies are notoriously bad at keeping their best people. Here's why Dilbert lives in most big companies.

Jonathan Ellis's Programming Blog - Spyced: Speaking to a technical conf...

I just got back from PyCon, and as with all conferences where the talks are delivered by engineers instead of professional speakers, we had

Guide - 8 Books That Will Teach You Python Programming

Guide - 8 Books That Will Teach You Python Programming. February 23, 2012 - Los Angeles. Want a a career that promises work for the rest of


What Is It? Blosc is a high performance compressor optimized for binary data. It has been designed to transmit data to the processor cache f

Let The Smoke Out With This Merit Badge

Adafuit has a new product, a "magic smoke" badge for those of us who have fried a component -- so basically, anyone who has tinkered with el

Readme Driven Development

Readme Driven Development. 23 August 2010 - San Francisco. I hear a lot of talk these days about TDD and BDD and Extreme Programming and SCR

The Miracle of WD-40

An analog fix or unresponsive iPhone home buttons.

On Hiring: How Not to Annoy Developers | Fred Wu's Blog | Freelance Ruby...

On Hiring: How Not to Annoy Developers In recent years developers are becoming hotter and hotter - especially the good ones - they are hard