A Cybersecurity bill is going to pass... But which one?
"All the bills on the Hill are insufficient," said Mike McConnell, formerly President Bush's national intelligence director. "We say we don't want to infringe on privacy rights or burden industry in any way, so the result is we don't do anything."

Is Cybersecurity legislation needed? Is nothing better than something, or vice-versa? #CISPA is on its way to passing the House of Representatives this week, but it has little chance of passing in the Senate because they (the Senate) have their own Cybersecurity bill... that has little chance of passing in the House. Since any bill has to pass both chambers, it's starting to look like these two bills will be combined somehow... and there's still 4 other major ones that could get folded in. +CNNMoney takes a look at security, the "Cybercrime Economy, and where it all stands.

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