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Amanda Christine
27. Mommy. Toronto Blue Jays <3
27. Mommy. Toronto Blue Jays <3

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Terrible Toddler Tantrums
What do you do when your two year old loses it. And I mean REALLY loses it. No rhyme or reason, just full on screaming and crying for a significant amount of time. (By significant I mean 15 minutes or more because 15 minutes of screaming can be an unbearabl...

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Movie Marathon!
*These lists are based on my personal preferences. Obviously there are some movies I skipped as I have never seen nor heard of them. Dates found via Wikapedia page "List of Disney theatrical animated features". Also, only animated movies were included in th...

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The Sock.
So, the other day my toddler went crazy. He was tossing everything in the air and it was pure mayhem over here. Well at one point he managed to take off his sock, and in going with the theme, tossed it into the air. I wasn't paying too much attention to whe...

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What are your favourite Halloween movies?
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