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2016 Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation

The Spirit of wisdom & revelation
Wisdom: Dr Stevenson, Luke
"Wisdom is better than strength"
Rosh Shoshanna 10 Days of Awe
Fasting and prayer Oct 3 - Oct 13
(Oct 2nd at 6pm) (Oct 13th 6pm)

Pray God open all people's eyes.
God's infinite wisdom.
Jesus has wisdom.
We as man need to ask for and have wisdom.
Pray repentence; let nothing be built over sin. A thing is built over the foundation of sin if there's no repentence.
Hebrew 3. 1 Jesus apostle
Apostle can not apostle until the prophet did his job.
Nothing was said for 400 years
The Jesus said, "repent" because Jesus came to build something.
Darkness mandates the context for a sent one.
A pastor requires light; you can not pastor those unsaved. You win them.
This is a time for apostles. But God has a "staff";
Jesus comes and sets up what God is to do!
And he called some... He named them.
Apostles despise ignorance. Apostles have to be smart. Heb 3
Apostles interegate your "why" ?
When you remove a title that Jesus put in, you remove God.
Gatherers vs Harvesters
We do not qualify hell ions to accept them to convert them; put a mercy seat in the center of the church
There is a speech and a language for every tribe
The commission to start churches was given to the apostles; the apostolic builder spirit
One sent forth, sent one...
Apostles multiply....apostles send people... apostles think like a sender !
Pastoral have maintained center gifts!
Church is extracurricular

It is finished not I am finished
There is a military side of God; not just a Sheppard side 1 correct 12.28
God sent the apostles first...
The pastors void of the apostolic spirit is a sheppardizing
Jesus made his disciples apostles; constructed by one more superior than you , more wiser, more require a sender...not a signer.

I require an apostolic sender and prophetic sender; who can fight on water because they not drown, you will fight on water and not drown...
We make a way out of no way ..
We just have to get out of the boat: the king was the sender of the apostles
What was lost?
Worship was lost
Influence was lost
Intelligence was lost
Property was lost

Those who has not been apostles have recovered nothing lost !
An angry king secular would send apostles to get all lost in war back for Him!
Your plumbing qualifies your purpose! Everything about you is specific!
Rob 11.13 I magnify my office
People need to know what to to expect from you
You are sent
To who
To people
The people are the seal of your apostleship

I teach you, I am a reproduced! Apostle multiplies
Not a Supervisor

Matt 9. 37, 38
God is waking up these mantles in every city all over the world

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Listen and know...
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The World must see th8s video! Especially America NOW
Watch it now
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Stepping Stone Solutions LLC
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Beautiful art and mural works !
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Interior painting consulting and solutions ! Murals, too!
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Stepping Stone Solutions LLC
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Stack is pretty cool. Check it out on Google Play Games. See if you can beat my score!
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