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Tipping Point
This is quite an election. Things are incredibly nasty out there in Facebook land when DT or HRC come up. I am quite astonished at the language even "good Catholics" are using against those they disagree with. Tempers are frayed and feelings are high.    Th...

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On the shelf in my living room, amongst a collection of
kachinas, are several clay figures.   They
are storyteller dolls, a traditional Pueblo motif.   The figures show an adult with children gathered around. The adult is
passing on the stories of the cultu...

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Jesuits, Rabbis, Strangers, and Awe.
I have a prayer partner. 
Every morning we connect across the miles and exchange intentions.   Yesterday morning, we texted as usual: How may I pray?  she asked. Not sure what I need. I will ask Mary to accompany you today and meet every need that arises. I...

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My Favorite Sins
There’s already been an
ocean of ink spilled over the synod and the relatio that has come from it, with
plenty of disappointment on both sides.   The relatio retains the vague and non-specific language that
characterizes thinking-in-process, but it does off...

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Our Lady of Sorrows
It’s one of those statutes destined to drive non-Catholics a
little batty. Bigger than life size, extravagant in detail and anguish,
Simeon’s prophecy to Mary given flesh and steel.  Something to contemplate this Feast of the
Seven Sorrows. One thing that s...

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Martha, Martha Redux
One tries not to get athwart
ones guests.  However, if one is yours
truly, that doesn’t always happen….this time it was in discussion of Martha, my
patron saint and on her feast day no less. I have to admit that I am a
bit touchy on the subject of Martha.  ...

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I love
mysteries.  I’ve written two (please,
God, a publisher!)  and have read hundreds. I cut my teeth on Sherlock Holmes, own several collections of the tales including
the ultra-nerdy annotated version.  This  is probably why I am not fond of “sequels” o...

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The Right Question
I spend my life answering questions.   Always have.   People come to me for answers, right, wrong or indifferent, every day in
my line of work.   One of the first things I have learned is that answering the
right question—which is not necessarily the one as...

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Trick Question
What follows is a rambling reflection apropos of not much
more than the heartbreakingly sad state of affairs in America on February 4,
2014. I got a forward from a resident at one of the more
prestigious medical schools in the country. 
The subject was one ...

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Sex, Love, and Personhood
Having spent innumerable weeks in an online bioethics course wrangling with the ethics of abortion, contraception, ensoulment,  and the definition of personhood, I can say without fear of contradiction that the discussion is pretty much a fine mess.  Witnes...
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